8 Awesome Tips to Promote Your Business with Print Products

business promotionAre you concerned about your business because despite delivering excellent products and services, it has only a few regular clients? In that case, your business is at the risk of failing soon. Without adequate customers, a business won’t run in profits necessary to cover the operating costs. In that case, it’s essential for you to promote your business and reach out to potential clients if you want your business to survive and grow.

In such a condition, various print products are very useful. You can get them from your local print shops or online. Here are a few tips on what to keep in mind and how to use print products for your business promotion.

1. Branding

Make sure your branding is consistent on all your advertising mediums. The images, shapes and colors you use should reflect your company’s vision and mission.

Create stickers with a compelling design consistent with your brand so people will be tempted to affix them on their belongings and other people will see them.

While running a small mail campaign, print your brand on letterheads to offer them a more professional and authoritative look.

You can use mobile advertisements with your cars or vehicles by affixing bumper stickers with your company’s brand printed on them and drive around the town for people to see.

Create a made-up holiday and launch a marketing campaign connected to your business using postcards to boost sales and branding.

Rather than giving out usual promotional tools on paper, give away useful items like pens, magnets, notebooks etc. so your business would stand out from the crowd of your competitors and customers will remember it more easily.

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2. Run Campaigns

The old-fashioned route of direct mailing is a best way to make your business stand out from your competitors because most run their marketing campaigns on social media nowadays.

If you plan to go with social media for complementing your print products, use it carefully.

Send out calendars to customers before the start of the year to please them.

Send out greeting cards during the holidays to your customers and spread joy.

Run marketing campaigns around holidays such as holding a sale so you can entice people who are not going to school or work to visit your stores.

While packing customers’ purchased products, pack them in paper bags and seal them with a sticker with your logo on it.

Put your full color brochures on display at locations with high foot traffic.

If you’re selling a property, stick a yard sign up. You can do so also while promoting an event in town.

Mobile marketing can complement your print ads.

Event marketing is a great opportunity to use flyers, postcards and brochures to promote your business.

Create consumer buying guides by showcasing your apparel and product line using catalogs. Take help of your local print shops.

Apart from bumper stickers, car magnets can be used to make your vehicles as larger mobile ads to your business.


3. Learn What Can Leave a Lasting Impression

While choosing the design for your print material learn about which colors make maximum lasting impact on your customers’ mind.

Study other business cards and outstanding booklets to get inspired by their designs.

Use a photo editing software to learn basics of design so you can oversee the creation of your company’s logo. There are also free design tools available online which you can try. They are simplified and easy-to-use versions of design software.

Select correct typeface, layout and color to create compelling logo design to bring out your brand.


Include something new every year into your bsiness card. Change the design and information displayed on it to suit the latest trend.

Use an appropriate typeset that can make optimum impact on your print materials to your potential customers. Serif and San-Serif are the most popular fonts used in ad copy due to their readability.

Before submitting your design to your local print shops, make sure the design is within the bleed lines of the templates, has the right resolution and uses the right color mode to ensure the correctness of the print once it comes out on the spool.

business cards

4. Develop Customer Relations

Developing good customer relations is a tried and tested method for growing your business. Always provide updates to them of your latest promos and events you’re going to hold for your business.

Collect customer testimonials and include them in your ad copy. This will give an authentic feel to your business.

Try to minimize customer complaints and negative response about your business by reading them and rectifying the mistakes.

Design business cards as incentives for customers to encourage them to come back to your store by providing them with discounts or promos on their next visit.


5. Pay Special Attention to Ad Copy

Use best words in your ad copy that best represents your business and boost sales. While writing ad copies, you should be brief, controversial and break the rules. When you’d use envelopes as part of your marketing strategy, create suspense using your ad copy to tempt people to open them.

6. Business-specific Strategies

Bookstore owners can give away bookmarks for every successful sale of books so their customers will not only have something useful while saving the page off the book, but will also remember their brand.

If you’re a restaurant owner, you can use table tents so when customers wait for their orders, they can go through the specials offered on the table tent and order them later.

Restaurants with delivery services, can shore up their menus with great design and leave their customers impressed with how they present their dishes in paper form. For customers calling for food delivery, they can include a magnet along with their orders which customers can stick to their fridge door or other metal surfaces and remember them.


7. Create Duplicate Documents with NCR Forms

Rather than using carbon paper or rewriting or reprinting your documents, use NCR forms for improving your documentation process.

8. Involve Business Associates and Employees

Update your shareholders by sending them annual reports using sell sheets. Also update your business members by sending them postcards periodically for sales and promos.

company report

Share the latest happenings in your workplace with your employees by sending them monthly or bi-monthly newsletters.

These are only a few ideas on how you can use print products to promote your business. There are many others which we’ll share with you some other time. Till then, wish you great success in your business!

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