8 Proven Ways in which A Marketing Agency will Help Your Contractor Business Grow

contractor business marketingAre you in a contractor business and are concerned about expanding your business? Well, the failure or stoppage of growth of your business may be due to improper marketing. You need a marketing team and that can make all the difference. But still are you skeptical about hiring such a team? Not sure what exactly they can do for you? Here are the jobs a marketing agency will do to increase your business.

1. Taking Care of Your Customers

Your customers are the life of your business. If you don’t take care of them, someone else will definitely grab them. Your contractor marketing experts will take care of your customer base and develop a fostering plan for them. Some of their ideas may be:


You need to make your existing customers realize that you are attentive to them. Sending emails and providing information is an inexpensive and easy to make your customers know that you care for them. Such emails can do many tasks, e.g. promoting your new products to the clients, informing them about your schemes, making them know about how your products can help them better and so on. Your marketing team will take care of this.

Special Offers

Several contractors are not very happy with the idea of spending money on their ‘loyal’ customers. However, actually these loyal customers should be taken care of well and your marketing team will do that. You should make them feel special and create special offers for them that will maintain their interest in working with you.

2. Local Advertising

Today there is an extreme refinement of demographic data, particularly through behavioral analysis provided by Google and Facebook. This has grown to such an extent that it enables you to target down a particular buying pattern. In the past, demographics used to be based on age, income and gender, but didn’t ever use behavior into consideration. Your modern marketers will take benefit of Facebook demographics to promote your special offers or get in touch with a neighbor that has a very particular customer characteristic. It has been observed that success comes ten times faster while reaching out to a behavior-based target than targeting an entire ZIP code once. Since your marketing team is aware of this changed scenario, they’ll make a perfect use of this.

3. Leave Your Mark

Once you finish a job, you should never leave the site without your mark at the project. Take help of your marketing team for this. This too is a simple and inexpensive method, but to anyone’s surprise, people don’t do it. Don’t depend on your crew to do it. Get a ‘yard sign’ designed from your marketing team and ask the homeowner if it’s fine to leave it behind.

Leave Your Mark

4. Google-proofing Your Website

If we consider Google, page 1 of Google search results capture 97% of all the search traffic. If you can maximize your Google presence, not only potential buyers will come to your doors, but also drive them away from less savvy competitors. As a rule of thumb, there are usually 20 spot placements available on Page One – 10 organic results, 7 paid and 3 local. Your marketing team can apply the strategy and capture up to 6 or more of these 20 spots. They will use Google Adwords and Google My Business to work for you and try to improve your organic rankings.

5. Direct Mailing

In this world of digital marketing, direct mailing is not non-existent. The fact is that, it’s the only guaranteed way to send your message. Bunching in ZIP codes depending on demographics is recommendable. Beauty has its own importance too. So, your marketers will invest in a designer or they may have their in-house designer who will include killing graphics with your brand to capture the interest of your potential clients. And this will pay off.

6. Relaunching Your Brand

Your marketing team may also give you an idea of relaunching and refreshing your brand. You may be talking much about following up the response at trade shows, special offers etc. However, you may be rarely talking about impacting your homeowners by your brand. If you are taking contracts of updating homes and doing the job every day, you should not forget to keep your brand up to date. Take help of your marketing firm to reinvent the base of your business. Also an updating of your logo design, the look and feel of your website and even your business vehicles and business cards should be updated. This will help you generating a buzz in the office and offer your staff a reason to keep discussing about your business. Thus your marketers will give a sign that your business is still alive and increasing.

7. Conducting a Seminar

For a contractor business, plenty of opportunities of conducting seminars are available, e.g. training events, product shows, or even organizing a showcase of your industry knowledge at a civic-minded institute. Your marketing team can develop exciting presentations for your worthiest clients because this works. You should also remember that presentation should be practiced well as running over and over and working on your slides will make your presentation seamless.

Conducting a Seminar

8. Being a Member of a Club

Your marketing team may suggest you a number of clubs for enhancing your professional networking like Lion’s Club, Rotary Club, Chambers of Commerce etc. The best part of these clubs is that they have a civic-minded undertaking for the betterment of community. Thus, these groups are great for developing business connections. But you should remember that you should not go there only with your business in mind. Working for their mission will pay off in many ways in the future.

All in all, hiring a marketing team for your contractor business is beneficial for your business. So, have you started looking for a good marketing agency?

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