Amazon FBA – Beginners Guide by Mark Smith – Become FBA Seller on Amazon and Make Money

amazon fbaIf you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking for the best way to provide enough income for yourself (or your family), learning how to sell on Amazon might be the right move for you. But, where and how to start? In his e-book, Amazon FBA: Beginners Guide, Mark Smith, highly respected online marketer, has shared step-by-step strategies and tips on making money while selling your products on Amazon.

In general, selling on Amazon is similar to having an online store, but it’s even better than that. Once your products are listed on Amazon, they automatically get exposure to the all customers (millions of them) who already use Amazon service to buy things. As a third party seller on Amazon, there are 2 different ways you can sell your products: MF (merchant fulfilled) and, our favorite, FBA (fulfilled by Amazon). The biggest benefit of the latter is that Amazon does all of the fulfillment work for the seller. So, you list your product on and prepare the items to send and ship them to Amazon’s warehouse(s), they unpack and store your products, which show up live and become featured as a Prime Eligible purchase. After buyers place orders from you, the workers in the Amazon warehouses find your products and ship them to the customers. If a customer is a prime member, they’ll receive the product in 2 days. Basically, all you have to do is to make your products and send them to Amazon, the rest is handled by Amazon’s workers who get paid a percentage of any sale and some shipping/handling fees.

The process seem to be easy, yet, there are some things that you should learn before becoming FBA seller. To get all the necessary information, tips and tricks on becoming even more successful entrepreneur and to end up earning more money than ever, take a look at Amazon FBA: Beginners Guide by Mark Smith, an aspiring author of series of e-books on money making. To get the Kindle or paperback edition of this wonderful guide go to

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