Benefits of Hiring Registered Agent Services

registered-agents-servicesMost small businesses don’t hire registered agents and they choose to do paperwork on their own. Others, however, do opt to hire registered agents services. What are their reasons to do so? I’ll list just some of them!

They don’t want extra paperwork. Registered agent services commonly cost around $200 per year. For some small business owners it’s better to pay that fee instead of tracking the annual report and official notices due dates with the state. Hiring registered agent services means all your vital documents are kept in one place, there’s no need to keep track of notices and annual reports dates and you are in compliance with the state.

When someone’s listed as business’ registered agent, they have to list their own home address as the point of contact. So, if you don’t hire an agent, your home address will be put on public record for everyone who wants to contact your business to see. Basically, this means you’ll have tons of junk mail. Since state records are permanent, your home address will stay online in years to come. If you’re already concerned about your privacy, it’s highly recommended to hire a registered agent, especially if you own a web-based, small business that has no physical location. In that case, any official mails from the state would be delivered to your registered agents instead of your home.

In addition to a physical location, registered agents have to be available during regular business hours to accept official notices and services of process from their state, too. Not all the businesses are available during business hours (bars and clubs, for example), therefore they opt for registered agents in order to maintain their own (usually irregular) work hours and still to be in compliance with the state.

If your business operates in more than one state, you should be registered with that state and to have an agent who’s physically located in that state. Because of that, business owners who operate in several states choose to hire registered agents services in at least one state.

Does any of the reasons I’ve listed above strike a chord with you? If your answer is yes, you should definitely hire registered agent services.



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