Biometric Wallet – An End to All Worries about Theft

Biometric WalletYou are a businessperson and you work hard to make your business thrive. You may have started from scratch or a very little money in hand; but today with your consistent efforts, you are recognized as a wealthy person. However, do you constantly feel a threat to your hard-earned wealth? Yes, it’s natural. Today, with the advancement in technology, there is a great advancement in the methods used to rob, cheat and scam people of their money, creating a constant fear in your mind of parting from not only your money but also your identity, your very personal information and other precious possessions.

But there is a way out of this fearsome situation! And it’s been provided with the same advanced technology! It’s a Biometric Wallet!

What is a Biometric Wallet?

A Biometric Wallet is a tiny electronic device which you can easily handle and keep in your pocket. It has a visual color touchscreen and a fully operational menu and it has been ensured that you can easily use this device. The device has been invented by Mr. Joseph Gangi, the founder of Security Biometrics Corporation, a leading Boston-based product design company, with the purpose of keeping the user’s all financial, social, identity-related, medical and many other types of information safe which can be accessed only biometrically so that no one else can use it or even access it.

The product is still in its developmental stage but its proposed features are extremely promising.

  • The Biometric Wallet uses Wi-Fi enabled and 4G Wireless network.
  • You can store all your credit cards, bank cards, upload all identification cards, driver’s license and passports, and store health records, doctor’s access and 911 emergency.
  • You can send money with Bio Pay easily with just a finger swipe or two.
  • Find out your Biometric Wallet if it’s lost with GPS tracking.
  • Access your personal data conveniently.
  • Your personal data is not stored in the cloud.
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  • Biometric Wallet fits in your palm, very easy to handle.

The Biometric Wallet will replace all your paper ID documents with biometric secure IDs that cannot be misused because it will be protected with your exclusive fingerprint and/or other biometric means.

The Biometric Wallet will also be useful to you in an emergency medical situation because it will store all your health history, medications etc. which can be quickly accessed by authorized personnel to help you.

Are you feeling relaxed now? You can invest in this wonderful device and will just have to wait for a few more days to get it into your hand. And all your worries about theft will come to an end and you can live a stress-free life.

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