Business Security Tips Shared by Experts

locksmith insuranceIn the UK, on an average 9.2 million crimes occur against businesses in a year. Of these about half experience at least one of the major types of crimes, with thefts at the top of the crime list. Thefts count to almost 6.8 million on a national scale. Here are tips shared by the founders and directors of UK’s leading locksmith firms to boost up business security.

According to these experts, business security is necessary not only to safeguard a building and its ingredients, but also to secure staff, clients and visitors. The business security should be evaluated, improved and maintained regularly with this thing in mind. However, it is not that easy to understand from where to start.

Security Review

First of all, a security review should be done which is helpful in ensuring that all areas of the building are covered, flaws are spotted and security is perfect for various areas. This should be done by a trained professional. Because of this, businesses can be reassured that they are obtaining the best counsel by combining the knowledge of a professional and their own expertise on what is important for their particular building or buildings.

Reviewing security refers to knowing about the function of a building and optimizing security for it. Therefore, while doing a security review, it is essential to begin from the outside in. Examine the local environment to make sure that nothing can be used to obtain entry, examine doors and windows to see if there are faults, weak frames, broken locks and damage. If there is even a small sign of wear and tear, replace it at once. Check fences, gates and grilles to ensure that they are in good condition. To improve security, consider electronic access systems, fences, window grilles, fogging systems, CCTV and alarms. In this context, you can check out who provide a 24-hour emergency service for businesses and residences.

The next step is to control who is in and out of the building at a particular time and how to offer access to approved persons. There are a number of access products that can give you control on access.

Patented/Restricted Keys: A locksmith may install patented or restricted systems to which keys can’t be easily copied or replaced without a proof of ownership.

Master Key System: Master key system contains one key which opens all locks, while there are individual keys too for each lock.

Electronic Access: Electronic access systems ensure that only employees can get access thereby preventing illegal entry. This is a cost effective solution and is available in several forms like digital locks, swipe cards, key fobs, video entry systems and keypad entry systems.

Once building/s are secure physically, the next stage is to review areas that should be considered keeping a specific building in mind.

For example, if money, valuable stock or sensitive data is stored in a building, it should be checked what safety measures have been taken to protect it. It should be considered whether high quality cabinets, or a safe room may be installed for protection, whether dangerous substances are correctly stored away and whether a safe is required to store valuables. are Locksmiths for Chelmsford who supply 24-hour emergency residential as well as commercial locksmith services for 365 days a year. They guarantee a 15 to 30 minute response anywhere in Essex for any emergency.

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