Chang Yu Jung – A Dazzling Story

Chang Ju YungTo attain a top position, you should have a passion to succeed. This is even more realized when we take a look at the life of Chang Ju Yung, the CEO of Algorates, one of the leading investment houses in the world, and Hyundai, one of world’s largest car companies. You won’t believe that Chang Ju Yung was born to a poor farmer in an impoverished South Korean village. At that time no one would have ever imagined that this young boy would become the leader of two largest companies in the world one day.

Chang Ju Yung used to work on a farm in very young age. But the difference between him and the other workers was that he knew that he was not born to work on farms. At that tender age he dreamed about living in a large city. However it was not as easy as I wrote here and you read. Chang fled one day from the farm to go to Seoul. But he had to return only after six months due to the failure of his first business. However, he didn’t give up. He kept assembling strength and one day again moved to Seoul to open a garage this time.


He expanded the garage within two years. He was then one of the 70 leading employees and decided to start a small company of cars. This very company became Hyundai later, one of the largest car companies in Korea. Still Chang was not satisfied. He then focused on Algorates.


When Chang explored the potential of international finance, he bought into Algorates. This company basically looks after algorithmic trading, which was extremely fascinating for Chang. He studied the company’s interest carefully and added his own knowledge to the business. The company thrived thereafter. Today it is one of the largest foreign exchanges in the world, dealing with millions of dollars each year in the international markets. Just lately, the company submitted a five-year plan under Chang’s guidance, to the American Stock Exchange to spread out in Asia and other upcoming markets. Chang will lead the expansion of the company in these markets.

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