Choose a Successful Name for Your Company

company name ideasWhat do Starbucks, Google and Facebook have in common? They are different businesses, but they have names people will hardly forget in a hurry. This is one of the way to convey the success and the uniqueness of service and products they’ve developed. Clever marketing is of high importance in making an appropriate and successful business plan. However, choosing the right name for a company shouldn’t be an afterthought, but an essential part of a good plan.

So, how to choose the right name for your business. Company name ideas are various, so here are several tips:

1. When said aloud, the name should sound well.

2. Name should have meaning. This conveys a benefit. However, it shouldn’t be too generic.

3. The name shouldn’t be too universal. (Boston Chicken changed the name to Boston Market: they made a huge mistake)

4. Web 2.0 syndrome should be avoided. Really, do you know how to spell if you don’t look it up? Mildly dyslexic spelling is quite tricky and it is no the thing of the past.

5. Avoid initials, since they can be quite boring. Of course, IBM is very popular, but this multibillion-dollar corporations has been around for decades. So, rely on more interesting name until you become as popular as JFK.

Not most, but ALL businesses nowadays require an online presence. Therefore, it’s of high importance to check out the domain names availability.

Keep in mind that company’s name is very important aspect in starting a business. The chosen name represents the label and the image of the business. Not only that, the name of the company carries a powerful energy and it can lead to success. However, don’t put an outstanding name just to cover the mediocre performance of your business.


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