– Never-before Free Currency Feed

In Forex trading the most essential thing is the data feed to convert currencies instantly, so that we can at once come to know where to invest our money to get maximum returns. However, while searching on internet, you hardly get any such free data. But one good news is a website now provides free Forex Data Feeds. It is by Johann Burkard where you get this data for free and you can easily get prices to local currencies.

On, Johann Burkard has hacked together a Google Docs spreadsheet which exports the Finance Forex rate data from Google, because of which you can get a free Forex currency feed of as many as ninety countries. And Johann Burkard has made it available in XML, JSON-P, RSS over HTTPS and HTTP and JSON. This makes it easy for you to build APIs to have the exchange rates in any programming language, i.e. Java, JavaScript, PHP and numerous others.

The data feed exports constants for four currency types of data feed and loads the specified type of datafeed and when the loading is done, calls callback. This function presents currency code converted to value mappings. The datafeed keeps on refreshing after a fixed period as ‘interval in seconds’.

The JavaScript code given is asynchronous because of which you page loading will not be slowed down at any moment.

You should take the benefit of this great facility provided by Johann Burkard, because of which your lot of time will be saved and your Forex trading can be more effective and productive.

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