Digital Marketing in China is Advanced

Digital Marketing in ChinaChina’s financial miracle was well endorsed in 2017. The country with its massive population of 1.4 billion and increasing extents of wealth has been famed as the most lucrative market for companies in the world. The country’s GDP is growing by about 7% every year with market possibilities growing alongside. And this has a significant contribution from the digital scene in China. Here are the advancements in digital marketing in China that are making it a lucrative market for international businesses.

Huge Opportunities

China has been infamous for being a centre for counterfeits. However, when it comes to its digital marketing scene, the picture is exactly opposite. On the Chinese digital front, an exclusive ecosystem has fostered innovation. Today it won’t be wrong to say that everything is going digital in China. There are around 850 million users of the internet that are linked together through three major platforms: WeChat by Tencent having 800 million registered accounts on its social networking platform, Baidu (the biggest search engine with the market share of 70%) and the e-commerce empire of Alibaba including Tmall and Taobao.

Digital policy of these platforms of engaged concentrated users mirrors a revolution in e-commerce opportunities and cross border marketing. Get more information on ecommercechinaagency.

Digital Marketing in China

Advanced Digital Infrastructure for Growth

Catching with this basically confined Chinese audience on main platforms enables brands and services to reach out to more potential consumers than ever before.

You should keep in mind that the internet in China is fenced by the ‘Great Firewall’, which cuts off the online marketplace from the remaining web. This leads to an essentially captive audience of 850 million online customers that are exposed to only what they come across in this closed system. This refers to the fact that they are receptive and influenced by the visibility and reputation of an online business on the Chinese internet.

The blockades for entry also provide opportunities with less competition. This is changing and businesses are required to hurry up to capitalize on the most effective Mandarin keywords. Firstly, marketing ahead of domestic competitors is important.

Significant Results can be Achieved Only by a Small Market-Share

Given so many internet users, it’s easy to target particular communities and niches on major Chinese platforms. There is a scope for a great variety of specialized businesses that need only a small share of population of 1.4 billion to be hugely profitable.

This offers scope for innovative projects in the Chinese market which has shown again and again to be adaptable, flexible and embrace changes. Marketers and businesses who think ahead will flourish in such an environment if they have a right business proposition.

Less Suspicion about Marketing Efforts

It is not widely talked about but ‘marketing’ is now directly translated into Mandarin Chinese. The concept is new and hence there is less suspicion among Chinese consumers about marketing efforts. They have no problem in forming loyal relationships with businesses who offer a quality service and do not see advertising efforts as being unnatural as it is considered in the West.

This makes easy for businesses to develop quality consumer loyalty programmes with a lot more customer engagement and more progressive feedback loops. This also enables more dependable project analytics as well as metrics for gauging success.

Digital Marketing in China

How can You Grow Your Business in the Chinese Market?

Develop a Quality Chinese Website

A Chinese website featuring quality Mandarin content and hosted on a Chinese server and with a .cn domain should be designed and optimized for Chinese keyword searches. Take help of ecommercechinaagency.

Be Highly Visible on Chinese Search Engines

Further you should improve your visibility on Baidu, the biggest search engine of China having 70% of all searches performed. Achieve this through the SEO techniques including backlink generation, site auditing, references and by creating high-quality Mandarin content.

All in all, if you want to earn profit from a highly advanced digital market like China, you should remember all these things and take correct steps to become successful.

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