G3C Technology – New Life to Old Tires

G3C TechnologyTechnology is a lifeline of businesses. It helps your business to progress at a faster rate with new inventions and also to eliminate problems. One of the biggest problems in businesses is waste disposal.

Gone are the days when disposing of waste far from an establishment was supposed to be a perfect solution to get rid of waste. Today is the time of environment consciousness. All of us, including businesses and government authorities, are responsible for not polluting our environment by disposing of waste haphazardly. And here again technology comes to our help.

G3C Technologies Corporation has come up with a groundbreaking technology named G3C Technology and their motto is “We Give New Life to Old Tires”!

Yes, this technology has been invented mainly to deal with the issue of end-of-life tires and give them a brand new life.

G3C refers to Triple-Green Conversion Technology that consists of three prominent environmental benefits:

  1. G1: G3C doesn’t produce any harmful air pollution or waste discharge. There is also no production of harmful water because all the water used for the process is recycled.
  2. G2: The process doesn’t use any fossil source material for the power. The raw material used is scrap tires and not gas or fossil oil unlike the traditional carbon black production process.
  3. G3: The process uses energy and fuel that is self-generated and not any fossil fuel.

The company is on a mission to develop and hone their G3C Technology to find an effective solution to the problem of scrap tires in the world by converting the waste tires that damage the environment into recovered carbon black, perfect for tire production and other high value applications.

So, you can imagine how industries needing carbon black for various purposes such as reinforcing filler in tires, other rubber products, and as a pigment in inks, plastics and paints can get it in an extremely environment-friendly way and don’t have to worry about any harm to our dear planet earth.

G3C Technology

Problem with Waste Tires

Millions of tires are discarded all over the world every year. Unfortunately, barring those which are recycled, most others end up in illegal landfills, stockpiles, ditches, ravines and creeks. These tires don’t decompose easily. Not only they occupy the valuable landfill space, but they even float to the top over time, making their way up through soil and waste. Once this happens, the landfill’s cover is torn, exposing the contents to rodents, birds and insects and letting landfill gases escape.

Tire fires are also equally dangerous because they pollute the air and contaminate the ground. Also incorrectly discarded tires and tire dumps are perfect breeding grounds for disease-causing rodents and mosquitoes.

All in all, discarding tires in an irresponsible way is highly hazardous to our health and environment alike. In such a condition, technologies like G3C are a lifesaver for all of us and for our industries and can bring about our progress in a safe and environment-friendly way.

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