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Max BolkaIf your dream is to do business and be successful in it, you might have done many things by now to fulfill your dreams. Have you experienced that your efforts are not being reciprocated to match your expectations? And maybe that confuses you regarding the correctness of your strategies and ways of doing business. You may want to find out those aspects of your business that can bring you the most money by creating an optimum impact, but are not sure about what they are. In that case you require financial advisor mentoring by Max!

Who is Max?

Max Bolka is a financial advisor who has a huge experience of 30 years in the financial service industry. He has created numerous planning and investment customers throughout the country and has served them too. Today he has gained a high reputation because of his dynamic speeches, perceptive writing and an extensive business development mentoring program.

Max started his career from 1982 by working with an investment banker, after which he began his own financial advising organization which serves a clientele spread from New York to Hawaii. At the same time he also learned and started practicing Ayurveda – the famous age-old Indian medical practice. By combining these two totally different fields of life, Max teaches his clients how to identify and accomplish their highest goals.

A Totally Different Point of View

Max has a totally different way of teaching his clients than the traditional one. When earlier in his career he came to know that money crosses all areas of life, he began getting more involved with the clients and today along with other financial advisors does their counseling on a number of matters like exploring one’s true passion, meaning and purpose of life, strategic planning of business and life, career planning, effective communication, developing professional and personal relationship, various facets of sales and marketing, time management, stress management, systematizing business, and ultimately building a lasting wealth.

The Six Fs

According to Max, people want to work less and get more. They want to lose weight and get spiritual success too. The problem here is all this is a bit ambiguous and he makes it more specific which he calls The Six Fs. They are Faith, Fitness, Family, Finance, Friends and Fun! These are important for one’s life and s/he should try to get them to create success and balance in one’s professional and personal life.

Max’s Services

Speaker: Max is famous as a speaker who is motivational but doesn’t scream! He can speak (non-stop according to some) on Business, Finance and Success in a way which inspires the audience. His speeches mainly include skill building particular talks in all fields of practice management.

Author: Max also puts the tremendous power of words to work for his clients by assisting them in creating letters, brochures, advertisements, articles and website copy. Because of his refreshingly direct writing style, he can show how to produce uniqueness in style as well as substance, winning the brain and heart of the reader.

Mentor: Max is a great mentor, as rather than just rendering you the information, he actually walks you down the road to greater profits and success. However his mentoring program is limited to only 20-25 students per year, wherein he teaches only selected clients.

So, if you are still searching for a great way to success and are in bad need of guidance, get in touch with Max Bolka. You business and life will definitely change.

Max-Bolka speaking

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