Importance of an Ad Server to Run Your Ad Campaigns with Full Efficiency and Guaranteed Results

web businessIf you are planning to run an ad campaign for your web business, you might be considering the various options available and in this context, you might have heard of an ad server. If you are wondering about what it is, here is some useful information for you about what an ad server is and how you can be benefited from using one.

What is an Ad Server and What does it Do?

In simple words, an ad server is a platform that serves ads. However, it’s not that uncomplicated as you can imagine.

First off, an ad server can be in-house or you can hire a marketing business agency to provide you the ad server.

To understand what an ad server is, first think of a traditional reservation workflow. In this workflow, there are approximately 40 steps required so as to place your advertisements on the website of a publisher. These range from choosing the publisher to trafficking the advertisement, gauging its performance and obtaining the invoice.

Now, let’s say you have to place your ad to 20 publishers so you have to perform all these steps 20 times, right? Huff! Don’t you think this is highly time consuming, inefficient and above all, highly likely to cause human errors? Yes, it is. Managing ad campaigns with multiple publishers and formats is one of the toughest challenges in digital marketing you may have to go through.

So, if you want that your ads should be run efficiently on multiple websites, you should make sure that both the things, i.e. ad management as well as reporting are performed from a central point.

And this is where an ad server steps in.

running ad campaigns

Centralizing the Workflow

When you can keep all creatives in an ad server, you need not work one-on-one with each of the publishers each time when there is a modification to the creatives. Actually, any bulk changes to your ads can be made from a single platform.

When daily tasks are automated, a lot of your hours are saved every week and you can focus on tasks of your web business or international business that bring you real value. When you centralize all your creatives on one ad server, you can cut costs and obtain higher value from your investment.

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Owning Your Data and Making the Most of It

This ad serving work won’t have any value if you are not able to measure immediately what is essential for your web business. There is not only the need of having an ability to report on the performance of your campaign fully as well as transparently, but also you should be able to own and have control over all the data of your campaign. This is a competitive benefit to you as an advertiser.

The fact is that data is more valuable to an advertiser even than gold because it’s the data that tells you who your customers are, what they are interested in, what matters to them the most and when it is the correct time to reach them. In an ad server, you can build audience lists with which you can influence these segments in your future campaigns. It’s the ad server that consolidates all your data in one place and enables you to monitor your customers through one lens and make informed decisions regarding what should your strategy be to reach them, and more than that, how to customize your offers according to their requirements.

controlling data

This is the reason, why you should have an ad server at hand to track your data. If the data about your audience is scattered or managed by someone else, your insights are lost and your source of wealth is in the hands of someone else.

Therefore it’s important to consider having an ad server so that you can run your ad campaigns with full efficiency and guaranteed results.

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