Important Points to Check while Hiring a Site Security Service for Your Business

site security companies in LondonYou are running a big factory or construction business and you are happy with your success since you are earning decent money and everyone respects you for what you’ve achieved. But what if one fine night someone enters your business or construction site stealthily and sets fire or cause vandalism to your business? It’s true that you can get a reimbursement from your insurance company but what about your dream? Won’t you have to start again from scratch? All in all, having a good security service to protect your business is of immense importance. Here are a few tips on how to choose one.

What Type of Security Do You Need?

Choosing the right type of security is extremely important and something not to be taken lightly. You should decide whether the site security in London for example, should be limited or extensive and unarmed or armed. This depends on the situation. One of the factors you have to decide is whether you need uniformed security guards at your site or guards in plainclothes. Both of these have their own intentions and advantages.

  • A uniformed security guard is for deterrence.
  • A security guard in plainclothes is for apprehension.

Once you decide which one to choose, the next factor you should decide is whether to have security guards that are armed or unarmed. You will have to choose from many costs while deciding between armed and unarmed security guards. Here are a few tips.

site security guards in London

Armed Security Guards

  • Understand that armed guards may use deadly force.
  • Find the training qualifications received by the guards with firearms.
  • Find the contractor’s policy for the usage of firearms regarding deadly force.
  • Remember moral questions while hiring an armed security guard. You must think upon whether other members of your association or any other people concerned will accept an armed security guard in the premises. Keep in mind that you have to take special care if the premises are resided by a large number of young people.
  • Take the costs of an armed security guard into consideration. They are far more expensive than unarmed guards, because of training and licensing requirements.
  • Think upon whether the presence of firearms can heighten the possibility of force and violence which may not happen otherwise.
  • There may be an adverse effect on insurance because of the presence of armed guards.

Unarmed Security Guards

  • Using deadly force is neither required nor desired.
  • Unarmed security guards usually provide the same deterrence as armed guards without the risk of deadly force.
  • Unarmed security is less expensive and also may incur less insurance and liability.

Criteria for the Security Company

Choosing a security company having a valid, functional state license is important. You should ensure that the company is trustworthy and has a good standing. Other criteria you should check are:

  • Sufficient and current insurance
  • Reputation/track record
  • References
  • Proper proposal
  • Training
  • References
  • Costs
  • Equipment
  • Management
  • Contract
  • Qualifications of security guards

History of Negligence

Finding out if the contractor has a history of negligence is important. Ask for “Loss Runs” or “Loss Experience” reports from the contractor so as to check its liability insurance claims history. Check if the contractor has been ever involved in any legal suit and if there was any legal issue during the last 10 years involving their employees while being on the property of any client. Such a report can be explained to you by your lawyer or insurance broker and you can get an advice from them upon the importance of every case and report.

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The proposal you will receive from the site security companies in London for example should explain reference post orders, duties of each post, duty hours, number of supervisors, rates for holidays and special events, specifications about insurance requirements, employee selection, termination, transfer and training, and general terms of the contract including but not limited to starting date, length of contract and terms of payment.

Check all these points while hiring security for your business so that you can get the desired peace of mind that your business is in safe hands.

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