Passive Income: Beginners Guide by Mark Smith – Make Money While Sleeping

passive incomeWouldn’t it be great to travel around the world, stay in high-end hotels, taste new, delicious foods and, once you come back home and check your bank account, you find out your balance’s has increased while you’ve been gone? Although this does sound like a fantasy, it could be your own life if you succeed in creating passive income. With Passive Income: Beginners Guide, an e-book created by Mark Smith, an experienced online marketer, your dream about earning money while sleeping might easily come through.

What exactly is passive income? Basically, it’s money which flows into your pocket (more precisely, bank account) while you are sleeping or playing football with friends or, simply, doing nothing. The money you earn this way is completely disproportionate to the time you spend working. However, passive income is not “free money”, because it requires upfront work. Some examples of passive income include dividends from exchange-traded funds, index funds and stocks, rental income from properties (managed by others), royalties from creative works, music and books, income from a business a person owns but doesn’t operate etc.

Some people have enough money, time and energy to invest in learning to make money while doing nothing, while others simply look for more convenient and easier solutions. If you are among the latter and you don’t want to spend months learning basic things about passive income, Mark Smith’s e-book Passive Income: Beginners Guide is the best way to start your money-making journey. It will show you the ways to generate passive income, how to manage and maintain it and, what’s more, it’s a concise book. You can order kindle or paperback edition at, depending on which one you prefer. The author, Mark Smith, has got experience and knowledge in online marketing well known for his passion for growth and innovation. Lately, he has published several money-making guides including this e-book which we highly recommend. Order Passive Income: Beginners Guide and you’ll see that working longer hours is not the only way to earn more money.

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