Protecting Your Business from Ransomware – Things You Should Know

protecting business from ransomwareApart from the traditional competition and their hostile strategies, today’s businesses have a new threat to face – ransomware. Therefore, even before planning business strategies and strategies for standing in the market, you have to plan to keep your business safe from the hidden enemies of which you have no idea. More dangerously, with the new technological evolution, the ransomware tools are being evolved.

However, there is still the good news – ransomware is avoidable. Here is some basic information you should have to save your hard-earned business from the malicious elements. This is shared by GROUP6, a Singapore ransomware protection agency.


Understand What is Ransomware


Ransomware is a kind of malicious software that blocks a system until a ransom is paid. There are three kinds of it.

Low Grade: These are fake antivirus tools that pretend to detect a malware issue in your system and ask for payment to fix it.

Middle Grade: These pretend to be messages from FBI or US Department of Justice telling you that they have detected illegal activities on your computer for which you should pay a penalty.

High Grade: This is the most dangerous and pop up messages saying that your files are encrypted and demand a ransom so as to return them.


What Danger is Posed by the Encrypting Ransomware to Your Business?


This type of ransomware can encrypt your most important files, including accounting, confidential consumer information, medical data and so on. Once encrypted, the files are not returned to you unless you pay the ransom.

Ransomware attackers can demands millions of bucks from the businesses they have encrypted files of.

Some newer forms of ransomware have evolved that bully businesses not only for not returning files but also leaking their files on the internet.


Should You Pay the Ransom?


FBI and other law enforcement agencies might advise businesses to pay the ransom because it’s the fastest way to get access to your files back. However, cybersecurity professionals don’t recommend it because there is no guarantee of getting your files back even after paying the ransom; plus, you are made an easy target for future ransomware attacks.


When are You Most Vulnerable?


Your business is the most vulnerable to ransomware attacks, when:


  • Using legacy software
  • Your OSs and/or browser are unpatched
  • Your equipment is outdated
  • You don’t have an efficient backup plan
  • You don’t have a comprehensive cybersecurity policy




Prevention is the best protection. The following steps can prevent ransomware from attacking your business:

Patch Your System: Keep your OSs, browser and other software applications updated

Back up Files: Create secure copies of your files and store them offline.

Secure your business with these methods to protect yourself from ransomware and get a great peace of mind.

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