Sales and Management

With ethically, helpfully and constructively approach, selling may be a wonderful and interesting profession. Selling is an extremely wide subject and there are many sales theories and models, selling methods as well as sales training methods.Selectively chosen sales training can improve people’s personal skills and knowledge in selling and business.

Sales and marketing are different subjects, but they both have the same goal and aim. In fact, marketing is very important and useful in sales and it improves selling environment. In organizations, the marketing department usually generates the list of potential customers and has the goal to increase the interaction between the organization and potential customers. This can benefit sales and thus the sales team is involved in achieving this goal. CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a term that is used to describe the process of managing the total sales process within the organization or a department. CRM enables managing the prospect and customer details, sales history, contacts and account development. Some selling experts contend that if the marketing strategy is precisely and well planned and executed it would negate the need for outside sales. These sales authors suggest that if the customers were brought “through the door” and enticed into contact, organizations can greatly improve their profitability, efficiency and result. It also allows sellers to be highly dedicated to customers and their satisfaction, because they would not spend the majority of their working time looking for potential customers. Many organizations find it challenging and worth trying to get the sales and marketing departments on the same page. These two departments may differ in nature, but they use very similar concepts and have to work together in order to achieve their mutual goal. The key to success in making profit and keeping the customers satisfied is encouraging communication and improving the relationship between marketing and sales departments.






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