Small Businesses Using Social Media

Use of social media by small businesses is increasing day by day and the use has grown to 53% this year, compared to the 44% of the last year. However, not all of these small businesses are using the medium wisely, resulting into an encounter with problems and loss in business. Therefore, there is a need for small businesses to deal with social media with a wiser approach to prevent themselves from making common mistakes and get maximum benefit from social media.

Avoid Too Many Platforms

The commonest mistake committed by small businesses is to present themselves on too many social platforms. When you are short of time, it is not at all wise to invest your time into engaging yourself on several platforms. Instead, you can conduct a good research and aim for only one or two appropriate platforms which will set the best connections with your customers. E.g. those who sell to other businesses can find their correct audience on LinkedIn, while those who sell directly to customers will find Pinterest or Facebook beneficial. You can find out the platform, where people are talking about your product or service and try to establish linkages on those platforms.

Refrain from Too Much Self-promotion

If you want to present yourself efficiently, refrain from doing excessive self-promotion. Ideally, your promotion should not exceed 10% of your total communication. Instead, converse with people, understand their problems, give solutions and set connections with them. They should feel that you are helping them and not trying to sell your product or service. You can also attract and impress customers by arranging contests, prizes, etc.

Be Safe

When you deal with internet, you are always exposed to hacking. Hackers are always in search of employees posting their company’s information. You should never share your user names and passwords through emails, though you may know the person. Also, you should not open attachments or click on links to unknown sources. Set strict policies for your employees regarding sharing information of the company.

Do Careful Planning

Don’t strike social media blindly. Do a careful planning and set goals about what you want to achieve. Note down the desired outcomes and study whether the usage of social media is bringing you an increase in revenue or customer relations. Answer all the questions regarding your brand in your profiles on the social platforms.

If used wisely, a social platform can bring outstanding results for your business. What is needed is keeping definite aim, strategic preparation and monitoring results.


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