Tax Credit Fraud

Tax credit fraud is crime and it occurs when someone pays too little tax of his income or when someone claims a tax repayment by behaving dishonestly. Tax credit fraud is not negligence, in fact it is intentionally action done by a taxpayer. Tax credit fraud is also occur when some give incorrect or misleading information while applying for tax credit, or when you get fails reports a change of situation within one month of the change.

A tax credit fraud includes, If someone is not telling HMRC about their real income, when a business not declare its all profits, when a business not Registered for VAT when they should have to, when a business charge VAT to their customer illegally, when the trader creates large unpaid VAT liabilities and make fraud VAT repayment claim, when the retailers imports good such as tobacco, alcohol without paying excise Duty, or when a individual do smuggling of good such as tobacco, and alcohol into UK. Government brings court to people who commit Tax credit fraud, and also them who help in committing the fraud.

In UK tax credit frauds are investigated by the tax investigators or accountants UK and these tax investigators or accountants UK are well qualified, and have a good knowledge about the tax, finance and accounts. They will investigation your tax credit fraud and if you are find to a tax credit fraud then you will get punished if not then you are safe. Accountants UK have a good knowledge of accounts, VAT, and finance and experienced in the field of accounts, so they handle your case very smartly and properly.
If you want to get out of all this situation then always pay your tax in time, and always show your correct income and profit.

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