Telemarketing – An Effective and Cost Effective Tool for Lead Generation

telemarketingTelemarketing is a fast and economical way to get directly in touch with potential customers on phone and eventually even face-to-face for lead generation and to encourage them to purchase a product or service. This is one of the most commonly used direct marketing methods and is also known as telesales or inside sales. In addition to communicating live, there are recorded sales talks too that are programmed to be played on the phone with the help of automated dialing. As a hugely effective interactive marketing method, telemarketing is used by businesses for lead generation by contacting customers directly.

Benefits of Telemarketing

  • You get direct feedback from potential and current customers
  • Extremely effective and economical marketing tool, because expenses involved in this method are only the salary of telemarketers and phone bills
  • This is the only available marketing tool that gives you instant results
  • It gives you a captive audience once the phone is replied because the receiver has no other option than to listen to
  • It helps your business to expand through lead generation
  • It can bring about continuous sales 24 hours a day with no particular office timings
  • You can expand your sales field further through telemarketing

Benefits to Small Businesses

Small businesses and startups have a limited budget for marketing though they want lead generation and a rise in sales. In that condition, telemarketing is a very cost-effective advertising and marketing method available to them. With this they can achieve sales as well as can offer superior customer care service.

Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing

Inbound: This largely caters customer care service with an aim of increasing in efficiency of the direct advertising method.

Outbound: This includes sales calls, improvement in sales orders and developing retail traffic by requesting appointments for sales people.

How to Use Telemarketing

You can do telemarketing in two ways: By Yourself or Hiring Professionals

By Yourself: You can call potential customers and tell them about your products and services. You can get their contact details in directories and online too. You can call:

  • Current clients
  • Past clients
  • References
  • Leads

Professional Telemarketing Firms: Professional telemarketing firms specialise in telemarketing and have trained staff to do the job. They have well-prepared texts and time-honoured skills to sell your products or services effectively.

How to Do Successful Telemarketing?

  • Understand Customer Behavior: Study of human thinking and behaviour is very important for telemarketing so that you can use them for the best sales pitch.
  • Use the Best Sales Technique: Write the best sales script to use while talking to customer.
  • Etiquettes: You should follow etiquettes to make a good impression on the customer.

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