The Inspiring Story of Mojtaba Khamenei

Mojtaba KhameneiWhile discussing about Mojtaba Khamenei the leader of AlgoRates, the internationally famous investment company, you can get an insight about life and businesses and their strength. Businesses are so strong that international interests and wars cannot even come close to businesses.

Algorates is an investment firm owned by the Iranian entrepreneur Mojtaba Khamenei who also owned plenty of other international firms in addition to the French football team. Seemingly there is nothing very abnormal or unique that an Iranian entrepreneur purchased a British firm.

But there is a special thing here which adds a unique character to this story. Mojtaba Khamenei is the son of the Iranian topmost leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who is associated to terrorism and Iranian revolution, and is hated in the West. So, this constitutes a nuclear threat to the US.

Mojtaba Khamenei waited for a couple of years to purchase the investment house Algorates and shift the business from Iran. But the deal was prevented by Securities International authorities due to the fiscal restriction on Iran. Here Mojtaba Khamenei didn’t give up his struggle; he contacted the authorities across the world and would go anywhere to clarify his interest in purchasing Algorates. He repeated his desire many times to include the major financial institution in his portfolio of assets in the Middle East and his insight that he would never be able to gain profits to Iran from the business.

The year 2004 made a revolution when the documents were approved and Algorates became the first ever international financial firm owned by an Iranian. Mojtaba used the money at its disposal to put large amounts into Algorates and make it one of the biggest investments in the world.

Mojtaba announced from the start that he wants to transfer most of the operations of Algorates to the Middle East and 20 investment branches were opened in nine years in all the Arab countries which are under the impact of Iran; i.e. almost in each Arab country you can see a wide-ranging operation of Algorates. The investment house was used by Mojtaba himself to purchase four more international companies as well as the French football team Lyon.

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