Timesheet Calculator – the Best Employee Scheduling Solution on the Internet

timesheet calculatorIf you are a businessperson and facing difficulty in tracking your employees, the amount of work done by them, their leaves, evaluation of performance etc, now there is good news for you. You can do all these jobs with ease. Don’t believe it? Visit Time Clock Wizard and take a look at their timesheet hours calculator which is FREE to use and is designed to make payroll and employee time scheduling within no time and without any hassle. This Timesheet Calculator offers you the best way to pay your people.

How can Time Clock Wizard Timesheet Calculator Help You?

Timesheet Calculator lets employees clock in and out from any location. Thus it’s great for businesspersons whose business is spread worldwide. It tabulates all work hours automatically and transforms them to dollars and cents. The tool is completely electronic and eliminates those unwieldy paper timecard reports that are prone to errors and get torn, bent or lost.

Above all, the reports of Time Clock Wizard on any employee management task are easy-to-read and professional with all the data you require; so, they help you run your business profitably.

With all these fantastic features, it might be expensive? But no! It’s absolutely FREE!

Let me tell you about its great features.

Timesheet Instructions

The free time card calculator creates a time sheet report with totals of your employees’ work hours per day and per week

Timesheet Controls

Calculate: This control enables the time card calculator to add all work hours as well as attendance entries, thereby creating the timesheet report for payroll management.

Reset All: This control will clear all break deduction entries and work hours.

Print This: With this feature you can open a print dialog to print your weekly timesheet report.

To Export Data from the Time Card Calculator

Print: If you need a hard copy of the reports, it’s super easy. All you have to do is to use the “Print This” button and it is stored as a permanent record or is sent off to payroll submission.

PDF Report: You can also get a PDF report of your employee attendance record; it’s easy too.

  • If you want to download a PDF for Mac, just select “Save as PDF” in the print dialog and save the data of payroll and work hours wherever you want for sending it through email or just storage purpose.
  • A PDF for Windows is unfortunately not available by default. However, if you still want a digital copy, just like many other human resource managers, you have an easy solution. You just have to download DoPDF and you can get your employee timesheet and get it printed to PDF with any time clock management requirements you might have!

Outstanding Features

  • Timesheet Calculator of Time Clock Wizard is extremely user-friendly with easy-to-use interface which offers managers the capability of creating daily, weekly or monthly schedules for employees
  • Being entirely web-hosted, the Timesheet Calculator doesn’t need you to download any software
  • The best employee scheduling solution on the internet
  • Perfect for all business sizes
  • The simplest and most precise time clock system in the world with features like ability to control whenever, wherever and whichever device your employees might use to clock in
  • Managers can edit clock-in and clock-out times and also get an option to round to the closes minute

So, I don’t see any need for you to wait! Sign up immediately and try the best employee management tool for free and make your business profitable like never before.

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