What is White Label Marketing?

white labelThe market is more competitive than ever, so it is a good idea to investigate solutions that complement or extend the existing services you offer or use. Have you thought about white label marketing platform? What are the pros and cons of going that way? We’ll try to give you some answers!

First of all, let’s talk about the “white label” term. It refers to a service or product purchased by a re-sellers who re-brand it to give the impression that they have created it. White label products or services are, practically, mass-produced. A producer increases sales by allowing other companies to sell a white label versions of the service or product. On the other hand, the company that pays to put out white label product or service to its brand without any investment in the infrastructure and/or technology. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

When it comes to white label marketing platform, it means you re-brand an existing social media or email marketing platform with your business’s logo, color-scheme, name etc. and resell it to customers and clients. It can be quite difficult to attract new clients since so many agencies offer social media management services. If you want to generate more revenue, white label platform under your own brand might be just what you need. Simply put, you offer your clients something they couldn’t find anywhere else. White label marketing platform will look like it’s your own; everything looks like you and your own company. It saves your time and money, keeps your clients and customers happy and, finally, it’s easy and simple to brand.

On the down side, any weakness in the software will be attributed to you; your clients will view it as your own solution. For that reason, make sure you resell, create or use carefully designed white label marketing platform that won’t lack in key functionality. It’s the only way not to harm neither your reputation nor your client relationships.

White label marketing platform means you won’t be reinventing the wheel, which is surely something every company could find very useful and practical.


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