White Label VoIP – Your Best Bet for Growing Your Business

Asaani voipIf yours is a thriving technology service business, high are the odds that you’re looking for exciting new ways to grow your company. An excellent option for you is white liable VoIP services.

What is White Label VoIP?

‘White label’ refers to the idea that anyone can put their brand on the product in question. White label VoIP platforms are fully developed platforms which you can re-brand and resell to your customers as your own.

White label platforms, like Asaani VoIP, allow you to become a VoIP provider, without having to spend time or money to develop your own platform from scratch.

While a white label platform offers many benefits, the following are a few main features due to which white label VoIP platforms stand out from the crowd:

Full customization of Your Brand

When you select a white label platform like Assani VoIP, you can fully re-brand the service under your own name and label. This means that you can sell and offer VoIP services to your growing customer base under your own name.

White label services are ready to go and are designed to be easily integrated into your business. All communications, from invoices to emails, are branded and delivered from your organization to maintain the same look and feel as that of your website and marketing tools. All communications will use your logo, your address and the colors and fonts that you choose. There is no sign that can indicate that the platform is not your own service. The best part? It all happens automatically. You just have to set your logo, colors and branding in the OS and bingo! You’re ready to go!

Integrated Billing

Integrated billing is one of the hallmarks of a white label platform. This means that the platform manages invoice delivery, credit card processing and billing notifications for your VoIP services – everything in one place.

You don’t need to enter your customer data into multiple systems or worry about customer data safety in multiple locations. This makes the system extremely easy to set up, maintain and invoice customers. So, you can imagine how simple, secure and functionally complete the process is.

Operational Autonomy

As a VoIP reseller, whether you’re a managed service provider or a PBX installer, you’ll retain autonomy over your VoIP business activity at all times. You won’t be handing over customer data to another provider – you’re delivering and managing this service as your own. This offers you the freedom to determine your price points, bill customers, collect payments, and provide support.

Customers will communicate with you, not with any unknown third party. Invoices will be designed, created and sent directly from you. No one else will get access to your customer records or data and your customers will continue to value and respect you for the service you’re offering to them.

So, have you started looking for a white label VoIP platform?

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