Why Product Packaging Matters

No matter if you are getting ready to create packaging for a new product or you are considering modifying the packaging of an old product, there’s a chance you are not aware of the importance of the appearance of a product’s package. Even though nobody says what’s in the bag doesn’t matter, manufacturers often underestimate the role of the product packaging in the failure or success of the product’s sales.

Product packaging can differentiate your brand from others. Since there are countless products on the market that want to attract the attention of your (potential) customers, you need to make a difference in order to sell your own products. According to several marketing experts, at least 1/3 of a consumer’s decision making depends solely on the packaging of the product. Thus, the packaging must be eye-catching to make your product stand out of the crowd; it needs to inspire consumers to buy.

The color matters too. Did you know that the color of the packaging is so important that it sways purchase habits of consumers? Our brains react to colors differently, thus it’s good to pick the color of the packaging appropriately. For instance, the white flexible packaging makes people see the product as something safe, pure and simple. If the packaging, on the other hand, is “too colorful”, it’s seen as not so sophisticated (which doesn’t have to be bad at all, if your product isn’t “sophisticated”). Nevertheless, it’s crucial to study the target demographic before making a final decision on a color scheme for the packaging of your product. For instance, navy blue is the perfect choice for business, professional products, whereas it won’t attract teenage population.

Product packaging doesn’t only keep your product safe and intact, but it’s a powerful marketing tool you should use. For instance, the packaging of the product can be used as a marketing tool for in-store advertising. A branded product is easy to recognize, so it’s recommended to design packaging with the logo front and center if you want your customers to remember your product when they’re shopping next time. Make sure your product package sends an adequate message about your brand, your product, your missions and goals. If it doesn’t, don’t hesitate to change it.

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