WordPress Hosting Options for Your Business

wp hostingMost people in the internet marketing industry would agree that web hosting is very important component of any successful website. If you choose the web hosting that meets your needs, you’ll definitely improve Search Engine Optimization and, eventually, increase sales. WordPress Hosting is no exception. With so many options available, it might become hard to choose the right one. Luckily, we’re there to help you!

Reliability, speed and security are, of course, very important factors you should consider when picking the WordPress hosting. Nevertheless, the key factor to consider are your own needs. Evaluate what you are looking for before buying WordPress hosting will both save you money and help you achieve your goals. Since there are different web hosting options out there, it’s of high importance to understand each of them in order to make the right decision.

Free Hosting – If you believe that there’s nothing free in this world, you’re probably right. Even though there are free WordPress hosting options available, they most certainly have some sort of catch. For example, you need to put some banner ads or text links in the footer of your website. In addition, free options are unreliable; they don’t have an obligation to inform you that their service will be stopped at some point. So, for a serious business and website, it’s better to avoid free WordPress hosting.

Shared Hosting – For beginners, shared WordPress Hosting is probably the most popular options. The reason is simple; it’s affordable and yet it provides new users a good starting point. In general, shared WordPress hosting is when you share a (larger) server with many other users/websites. On the downside, there is a usage restriction when choosing this option, even if it says it’s unlimited. Once your website begins taking up substantial server order, the provider will kindly ask you to upgrade your account. If they wouldn’t act that way, it could negatively affect other websites hosted on the same server. But, if your business grows, bigger overhead costs are expected, aren’t they? But for a starting blogger or a small business, shared hosting is arguably the best solution.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting – This hosting option implies that a physical server computer is partitioned into multiple multiple servers depending on the individual need of the client. So, although you share the server with others, VPS gives acts almost like a dedicated server. Experienced bloggers, intermediate users and developers opt for this solution and they utilize it to scale their own website. But, for such a hosting option, you need some technical knowledge or a managed Virtual Private Server (provider can assist you when needed and they manage all system upgrades). So, for a medium-sized business, aspiring developers/designers, VPS WordPress hosting is spot on.

Dedicated Server Hosting – It’s a physical server that can be leased from the hosting provider allowing users to have full control over the server, including picking hardware, operating system, software etc. For a beginner, a dedicated server is not really necessary. Nevertheless, when the website starts receiving an increasing amount of traffic, upgrading to a dedicated server should be considered. In case you don’t have any experience with servers and don’t employ a system admin, opt for managed WordPress dedicated server hosting. Along with doing software updates, provider offers server monitoring, phone support. If you have an extremely high traffic blog, WordPress dedicated servers are highly recommended solution.

Now that you’re introduced to WordPress hosting option, it won’t be as difficult for you to make an important decision. Your next step should be choosing the right provider!

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