Would You Like to Get Your AppHappening?

apphappeningThere are many shortcomings resulting in frustration in the existing applications marketplace. Once this problem was identified by Michael Giffney and Marcelo De La Hera, experts in this field, they have tried to find the way to help their clients. Freelance websites were set up with significant disadvantages: the prices varied massively and communication was rather poor than good. Also, it’s important to mention that when you have an idea for business app, if you tell it to unknown developers, how could you be sure that they won’t misuse it and “steal” it from you?
So, should we stick ideas to ourselves and forget about business apps? Luckily, one great solution deserves to give it a try: https://www.apphappening.com/. Michael Giffney and his team have created and developed this website designed to be an active community of members. The idea is to connect businesses in need for an app and developers who are able to help them make their wishes come true. Eventually, AppHappening should build its own network and members should be both businesses or people with app ideas and, on the other side, experts who can build apps. Everybody is invited to join this promising community, since this website might become one of the most effective ways to transform an idea into a successful app.
Businesses, creative individuals, marketers, analysts, designers and developers: everybody is welcomed to register and to get their application happening with AppHappening. The idea of bringing together talented and proven experts may solve many existing app market problems. The developers can find jobs, while businesses can leave their ideas to someone trustworthy, which is of a great importance in modern world.

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