Using Your Credit Cards in Canada in the Best Possible Way

credit card in canadaCredit and debit cards are widely used and accepted in Canada. But the extent to which a foreign-issued card can be used and the fees it will incur depend on the issuer of the card and the type of account you have. You can also get some of the best credit cards in Canada. Here some tips that may help you while using your credit card in Canada in the best possible way for shopping and cash withdrawals.

  • Debit cards issued in another country will most probably not work at point-of-purchase terminals in Canada. These are the small machines to which you stick your debit card. Here, you will need to use your credit card or cash to make purchases.
  • You can use debit card at the ATMs in Canada to withdraw the Canadian currency.
  • Two types of charges may apply while you withdraw money from a Canadian ATM – a withdrawal fee from around $2 to $5 and an exchange fee equal to a small percentage of the amount you withdraw.
  • If you visit Canada often, you can check with your bank regarding setting up an account which does not demand for additional fees for currency exchange and withdrawal when you are out of country.
  • For majority of casual visitors to Canada, the best way is to use credit card for shopping and do bigger withdrawals from ATMs which will last for a few days to skip frequent withdrawal charges.
  • Find out cards that do not charge foreign transaction fees. Many of them do charge this fee, but some don’t.
  • Keep in mind always to call your credit card company or bank and inform them that you will be using the credit cards in Canada.
  • If you follow these instructions, you will be able to use your credit and debit cards in Canada in a hassle-free way, and enjoy your trip thoroughly.

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