5 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

making money onlineGone are the days when there were a lot of internet scams – people paid money and got nothing in return! That was because people had no idea how the internet works. Today many people have become internet-literate and they teach their friends and families about it; so, chances for scammers to cheat people easily have been minimized. Today there are lots of legitimate and safe ways to make money fast on the internet if due care is taken. Only thing to remember is when you pay money for a scheme, you should be careful and ensure that the scheme is really working. Here are some ways for which you don’t have to pay anything. What you may lose is your time and efforts, but you don’t have to part from your hard-earned money.

1. Creating a Website

You can earn money through a website. Website can be compared to a magazine or newspaper where readers can get a lot to read – informative, entertaining, fresh and engaging. If you have that quirk of creating new interesting material every day, or at least every week, you can earn money through your website. Best places to get a free website are WordPress, GoDaddy, etc.

Of course, creating new and interesting material is not enough. It will work, but will take time. If you want to make it fast, you need to advertise your website through social media and other means.

This means that you write (or get written) some engaging content and make its ad to your social media accounts. Post those links and pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Real question is how that makes money. For that, you will have to get Google AdSense and other advertising material on your site. As told earlier, imagine your website as a newspaper or magazine which gives you a lot of interesting text and photos to read and watch. Plus there are lots of ads too in them. When readers watch those ads, they tend to buy those things. If the advertisers notice that through the ad in a certain newspaper, their sale has increased, they will give more ads constantly to that newspaper. And this happens when that newspaper has a lot of reader base due to its engaging content. Same way, when you give a lot of interesting material to your readers, you get more and more readers and that brings you more ads too, and eventually more income.

2. Trading on Websites

As you can create a website, you can buy an old website too. This is like buying a real estate, develop it and resell it. Buy an old website, make it beautiful and engaging, add value to it and sell it again to make a profit.

3. Offering Services through FreeLancer, Fiverr and Tenrr

FreeLancer, Fiverr and Tenrr are sites where you can offer whatever skill of yours you want to sell. E.g. you can sing a “happy birthday” song, write articles, draw a cartoon, or do anything. Here you need creativity and think which skill you can sell. You have to create a gig and wait for clients. The more appealing your gig, the more clients you will get.

4. Freelance Writing

This is a surefire way of making money online today. Websites and blogs need content regularly. You can offer your writing services on freelance basis. Here, the better you can write, the more money you will earn.

5. Selling Photos

If you have a photography quirk in you and if you travel a lot for that, you can sell your photos online. Of course, this way is quite time-consuming and there is a cutthroat competition. So, you need to be utmost creative, and should have presence of mind about exactly which photos will be in demand. Catching beautiful photos is not enough. You should identify the trend of the market and then capture and sell those photos.

And there are many more such ways. You just need to keep searching and you will get them. Just don’t get disappointed because you were not successful last time; be optimistic and be careful too, and you will start making money soon.

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