Brett Kitchen Reviews – How to bring the good old days back to America.

I’m currently working on an illustration with my graphic artist that visually tells the story – the good old days of America.

It’s a scene of a small town 4th of July parade going down main street past a full service gas station, kids riding in their red radio flyer wagon, a baseball diamond, old classic car filling up with gas, and the neighbors sitting on the porch chatting about the baseball game with the flag waving in the wind. The whole town comes together to eat hotdogs and hamburgers.

This is part of the core of what Safe Money Millionaire is really about. It’s about the America that I grew up loving.

I grew up listening to Jim Croce, the Monkee’s and the Mamas and the Papas on family vacations.  The first concert I ever went to was James Taylor. I used to go to sleep dreaming of waterskiing at Lake Mead while listening to “Sweet Baby James”.

I love learning about American history, the founding fathers, the revolutionary war, and the periods of American greatness that our country has enjoyed throughout our 200+ year history.

I still believe we can have prosperity and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by returning to the values that made us great in the first place.

In the beginning there was hard work, honestly, and an attitude of community and caring toward each other.

Unfortunately now many people have fallen into a trap of entitlement living, and particularly troubling is the fighting of Americans against another because of income levels.

With the government tentacles in all areas of our lives, it is becoming more and more dangerous to the American citizen. That is why it’s more important than ever to create financial freedom and independence so we can maintain the other freedoms we enjoy. Financial freedom is directly linked to freedoms of all other kinds.  That’s why we created Safe Money Millionaire. For people who wanted to get back to the idea of freedom.

Safe Money Millionaire complaints are about the fact that government is getting too large. What made America great never was the government – not politicians or big banks, or massive companies. It was individuals. People like you and I innovating, creating, building, and working to making something of value to the marketplace, while improving our security and standard of living for ourselves and our families.

In the Safe Money Millionaire reviews I expose scams along with my business partner Ethan Kap scams range from the tax bomb in retirement accounts, to the idea that you can get rich in mutual funds.

Fortunately that dream is not dead in America, we may not be able to control the national economy, but we can control our personal economies, and when we do, we can still live the American Dream.

Brett Kitchen Reviews…How to bring back the good old days to America

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