Enjoy Merchandise from Other Countries Securely with Online Shopping

safe online shoppingOnline shopping has become immensely popular and it includes shopping from other countries too. Here you should be aware of certain things to make yours and your seller’s life easier.

Easy Process of Shopping

On websites like engtaobao.com which helps you to shop from Taobao, they offer you an easy process of shopping. They give you a Chinese address after you place your order. Then you can submit delivery and confirm parcel.

They also offer absolutely hassle-free and economical shipping. They offer packing and colidation at no extra charge. You can choose to combine all your purchases in 1 package and save shipping cost. They also offer cost calculator and get an estimate of total cost of shipping your parcel to your address.

Their special feature to mention here is that even if you don’t understand Chinese, you need not worry, because Entaobao will shop on your behalf for a service fee as low as 2.5%. And all the orders are processed on the same day of your purchase.

Some Precautions to Take

Before you make purchases, make sure the items you are buying are restricted or prohibited for export from the country you are buying and for import in your country.

Also find out well ahead of time if you will be charged import duty and/or VAT by your country’s customs department.

Use Credit Cards and Other Secure Payment Services Rather than Debit Cards

As a rule of thumb, credit cards as compared to debit cards, provide shoppers extra protection during online shopping. The major benefit of a credit card is that it is in no way connected to whatever funds you own. And there are some other advantages too.

Unlike debit cards, credit cards may have a restriction on the amount you will be liable for paying if someone steals your information and uses it.

Similarly, using other secure payment services like PayPal is also recommended. The benefit of using these services is that they serve like a middleman where you pay them and they pass the payment to the retailer. Thus your bank details remain unseen.

Watch out for URL Containing https and/or a Padlock Symbol

https, developed by Netscape, is an online security protocol that encrypts information whereby data can remain private and protected. Mostly, the text in the URL is preceded by a padlock symbol; if it’s absent, you should treat the website with caution.

If you take these precautions, you can have a fun international shopping experience and can enjoy having merchandise from other countries.

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