Getting High Returns on Your Home, Fast!

we buy houses portlandEvery week a number of houses come on the list of “to be sold”. In that scenario, if you want to sell your house, it should stand out in the crowd in order to be sold fast. Don’t enter the category of sellers whose houses keep lying unsold for months. There are surefire ways that enable you to make your house appealing and thereby sold fast. Here I should also mention a wonderful company which buys your house regardless of its condition! They are and they rightly claim “We Buy Houses in Portland” and it’s an easy process – you just have to contact them and they make fair all-cash offer. You get cash within 5 days and your house is sold!

What else can you do to sell your property fast?

Make Your House Look Impressive

Understand that if your house doesn’t look good, potential buyers won’t be attracted towards it. The most important part of your house is its front. Maintain the front gardens and also keep the front doors and windows neatly painted. Make windows presentable with hanging baskets and other ornamental items. If you are not a gardener or have no time for gardening, start gardening now or hire someone for the task. It’s an investment on which you may get huge returns, i.e. when you will sell the house.

Clean the Interior

If you make the front of your home attractive, buyers will come to see the house; in that case, the interior of the house should also be appealing. Remember that they would imagine themselves living in the property. So, ensure that they feel good. Even small refurbishments matter a lot, like a fresh coat of paint, colorful flowers in the family room, cleanliness and tidiness. These small things can add thousands of dollars to your home’s value.

Present a Blank Canvas

Your home should look like a blank canvas to potential buyers, i.e. your personality should not reveal anywhere, e.g. extremely bright colors, a particular type of curios, etc. The buyer will only look at it as “more work to do” to create their own personality. Keep all the décor neutral and present a blank canvas.

Get Rid of Clutter

If you have a lot of clutter, sell it or throw it away! How much ever you keep the house spick and span, if it is cluttered, it gives the illusion of disorganization and thereby dirtiness. Plus clutter also occupies space and makes the rooms look smaller than they are. So, get rid of clutter as fast as possible.

Spread the Word

Though you have hired a real estate agent, there is no harm in spreading the word that your house is on sale. Ask your trusted friends too to do so, update your Facebook profile, and talk to people in your local events.

If you apply these simple ideas, you are sure to get high returns on your home, fast!

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