3 Prominent Advantages of Using a Recruitment Agency

temp agencyIt was guessed by industry experts some time ago that recruitment agencies will suffer a decline due to a growing competition from social networking, internal recruitment and job boards. But surprisingly their guess was proved wrong.

Recruitment agencies are actually flourishing and growing and are proved to be the best source for top talents. More recent sourcing or attraction models may look as if precluding the third party recruiter, while expectations of candidate and client change and grow along the lines with technology; but the basic need for specialist recruiting agents remains at the core of it to find the talent for businesses and to help he talent to get the job.

Here are some prominent advantages of employing a recruitment agency like a temp agency to find staff for your business.

1. Market Knowledge

If the recruitment agency you have found is the best in their job, they will have every piece of information and the latest updates of their specialist market. They are aware of the available talent, where to find them, how to reach out to them, their career expectations, their skill sets, salary rates and difficulties in hiring. If other companies are striving to find the same individuals as you, they should be capable of advising on other solutions. The best recruiters will work as your partners and will act as your ears and eyes in the market.

2. Outreach

There are some candidates that can be found with a lot of difficulty. They may be selective or passive. If they don’t respond to job advertisements, they don’t consider themselves as part of your ‘talent pool’. Here the chances are that they are connected to specialist recruiters in your industry.

Even though they are not active at the moment, there are high chances that the recruiter will be familiar with them are aware of how to contact them.

Recruitment agencies have several networks. Every candidate, consultant, collaborator and client has the potential to make the most of their networks and can help you connect to people having a range of skills and experience levels. Several of them would be far from the target of an in-house team or hiring consultants.

3. Candidates Vs. Applicants

Many businesses aim at attracting applicants, whether they contact you as a response to your ad, through your website or apply on spec. Majority of these may not match the role hence you will waste a lot of time in filtering, evaluating, matching and then contacting them. When you think of a bad candidate, you actually talk about an applicant. Taking help of a recruitment agency should mean that you find only candidates – true jobseekers who have been pre-chosen to suit all the criteria that you are in search of and who are worth consideration and interviewing.

These are only a few prominent advantages of using a recruitment agency though there are many more. So, instead of wasting time in finding good candidates, use a good recruitment agency and get just the right staff that will take your business to the next level.

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