5 Important Questions to Include in Your Online Employee Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys are regularly conducted by businesses so as to make improvement in products and services to make customers more and more satisfied with the company. But is employee satisfaction given so much of importance? Don’t you think you should try to know how satisfied your employees are with their work and your company so that they can give their 100% to the work? Employee satisfaction surveys do the great task of finding how much they are happy with their job.

Creating these surveys has become extremely easy with online employee satisfaction survey tools that are simple and fast to create, intuitive, available in various languages and you can customize the survey the way you want.

But what questions will you include in your survey to make your decision-making process easy? Here are some sample questions.

1. How Much Do You Love Your Job and Duties?

A way to know how happy your employees are with their job and duties is to ask them. This is one of the most important questions all employee satisfaction surveys should include. As a rule, if only 10% of your employees show unhappiness, you’re possibly doing a thing or two correct.

Including a Radio Button field and multiple choices like “Very much”, “Somewhat”, “Not very much” and “Not at all” will make the answering process simple.

For unhappy employees, you can further add a field to explain why they don’t love the job.

2. Do You Get All the Necessary Tools and Resources?

For a successful business, you should see to it that your employees get all the tools and resources to do their job well. This can be made simple with only “Yes” or “No” but including explanation field for negative answers can give you valuable information so as to make improvement.

3. How Happy are You with Your Benefits Package?

Knowing about your employees’ feeling about the benefits you are offering can help your HR department assess and plan benefits options. This information is also helpful for retaining current employees and appointing new employees.

4. How is Your Relationship with Your Colleagues?

This question will help you to know if your employees feel appreciated and respected while working with colleagues. It will also provide you the idea of employee rapport.

5. Are Company Goals, Achievements, Struggles and Strategies Communicated to You Properly?

It’s very important that officers at managerial level communicate about company’s goals, struggles and achievements to their subordinates to make sure there is no communication barrier between leadership team and other employees.

Include these questions in your employee satisfaction survey and it can be an eye-opener for you with which you can create an ideal environment in your company for your all employees.

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