Boomr – An Outstanding Time Tracking Software Tool for Accountants

Boomr software for time tracking for accountantsWhen it comes to business, generally importance is given to the quality of work done, no matter what time it has taken. However, when the business is of accounting, keeping a close watch on how time is spent becomes important.

Fortunately, there is Boomr which is software for time tracking for accountants and many other businesses. Boomr helps make time tracking for accountants really easy and productive. It helps accountants keep track of billable hours for client’s work as they can use Boomr’s web and mobile time tracking apps to keep track of their time. Here’s what you can do with Boomr.

Maximum Accuracy in Billing

Among many others, billing can be a largest factor of confusion for many small to moderate-sized businesses. If there is no accuracy in billing, it can harm the reputation of a business. No entrepreneur will wish to lose clients because of poor billing practices and here’s where Boomr steps in. Boomr accurately tracks time spent by every employee doing particular tasks with which there’s a guarantee that bills that are sent out are solid and won’t consist of any conspicuous flaws.

Payroll Management

Accountants have to handle payroll side of things and therefore they should grab anything which can make the process easier. The special feature of Boomr among many others is that it not only tracks employee time, but also generates timesheets using which one can directly manage payroll. Thus if there are any issues with employees not always getting the correct payment for the number of hours they work, Boomr can be an effective solution because it offers you accurate reports with the help of which you can meet your budgets every month.

Increased Productivity

Productivity is a magic word for businesses because they think that it’s the ultimate means of success. However, most of them are not aware of how productivity can be increased. One of the ways is to guide people on how exactly they are spending their time. With Boomr, employees can get a more direct insight on how hours are used, thereby helping them to implement better practices that will lessen wasted time across the day. Boomr goes an extra mile than popular time tracking software tools. It helps you create custom work reports so that you can track time of various tasks, like driving, traveling and working on particular projects.

And that’s not all! Boomr has so many features that any accountant will find amazing to make their task easiest. So, when are you getting this great tool?

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