Corporate Wellness Coaching Certification – An Innovative Career

corporate wellness coaching certificationWhen it comes to businesses, gone are the days when they were considered to gain a profit only by selling their products for an increased price over the manufacturing costs. Today, profits are viewed from several angles and one of them is employee health. Business owners today believe that healthier their employees, more efficiently do they work, and more profit is earned for the business.

This has given rise to a new career named corporate wellness coaching and you can get corporate wellness coaching certification from a reputable source like Spencer Institute.

The duty of a corporate wellness coach is to help employees in a corporate office either improve or maintain their health. A corporate wellness coach is different from a nutritionist who might assign a particular diet and/or exercise plan to the client.

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A wellness coach emphasizes more on helping clients get inspired on how to make better choices to support their wellness and health goals depending on their particular lifestyle, and advise them accordingly.

Thus, a corporate wellness coach can help businesses reduce their healthcare costs and absenteeism; thus they can positively help improve performance and productivity.

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Benefits of Employee Wellness Coaching

Corporate fitness coaching bridges the gap between traditional healthcare systems within businesses and behavioral change.

A corporate wellness coach can make a positive change to the bottom line of a company, helping improve things such as employee health and productivity, medical compliance, client outcomes and even reduced healthcare costs.

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What do You Learn in the Corporate Health Coaching Certification Program?

In the corporate health coaching certification program, you’ll get an opportunity to learn the basics of wellness, one-on-one health coaching, marketing your skills, assessment of skills, knowledge and abilities, emotional and social components of health, prevention of cardiovascular diseases and improving CV metrics, common conditions that require wellness strategies, strategies for stress management, employee health and wellness business ideas and more.

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The business of employee health coaching is very much flexible. You can operate it on-site or from anywhere else, even from the comfort of your home. This is a rewarding career that allows you to do what you love and get paid for it.

The corporate fitness coach training teaches you how to manage and facilitate employee health programs, work with human resources department, form a fitness culture in an organization and promote wellness to bring down company’s costs and enhance the overall morale of the organization.

So, are you impressed with this innovative career option? When are you going to join it?

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