Digital Imaging Services – Tremendous Organization of Your Business

Going paperless benefits all sizes of businesses, whether small, medium or big, by making them more productive and profitable. Especially small businesses can obtain a competitive advantage from digital imaging services.

Banks, law firms, schools, hospitals, utilities, corporations and other organizations usually have significant volumes of old documents stored on a variety of incompatible and outdated media; or they have a constant flow of business-specific documents that need to be scanned, organized and indexed in a secure environment.

Digital imaging services, also known as computer imaging, transform the base or raw photo imagery of your project. It involves the manipulation of the digital image or images through computer software to enhance the final product. Digital imaging could superimpose objects, create a montage, adjust coloring or highlight particular sections or objects in a photo. Digital imaging services provide a cost-effective resource to businesses looking for efficiently managing large volumes of hardcopy documents.

What Business Issues can digital imaging services Address?

Digital imaging services

  • Offer an inexpensive resource for scanning documents ranging from receipts to oversized CAD drawings to digitizing of roll film, microfiche and aperture cards
  • Transform hardcopy documents and information residing on archaic media to digital files and store them on the new media of the customer’s choice
  • Ensure total document security and project confidentiality by using audit trails, background checks and a range of logical and physical security systems
  • Assign experienced and talented project managers to every engagement to ensure prompt and inexpensive completion of work
  • Offer customers a choice of onsite or remote scanning so as to align with their company’s operating procedures and security requirements

No Bogging Down of Internal Systems

One of the most important ways digital imaging services can help your business is by freeing up physical space around your office as well as mental space of your employees.

Maintaining a paper-based filing system will leave your office extremely disorganized and cramped, as documents will continue to pile up. Not only you’ll keep wondering how to get more space and better organization, but also, you’ll be putting confidential client information at risk. At the same time, you employees remain worried and tense by proper filing practices and the threat of potential security breaches.

The digital imaging services offer scanning and imaging which are the key to minimizing these stressors around the office, as the transformation of paper documents to digital records leaves the office feeling more open, organized and efficient, while making employees stress-free and allowing them to do their best work, focused on their own responsibilities.

Digital Storage

Can you imagine how much more organized your business would be if you could discard boxes of documents and file cabinets from your office? Document imaging minimizes paper culture. Files can be stored digitally on a server, portable media or even online.

Digital imaging services are able to transform paper documents to a wide range of file formats for digital storage, including PDF, PNG, JPG, GIFF and TIFF.

Thus, you can store millions of documents on a single server and eliminate wasted office storage space.

Efficient File Retrieval

An AIIM survey conducted in 2011 observed that it can usually take 37 minutes to find one paper file. Document imaging minimizes the time your employees spend in just locating and retrieving your files. Electronic documents can be accessed from a variety of digital devices and don’t have to manually re-filed. Your employees working in different departments can simultaneously view Information and they can also distribute the same to people across time zones and geographical locations.

Searchable Documents

Not only searching the documents, but also searching information within them takes time. Finding the exact data you require in a multi-page file is just like finding a needle in a haystack, i.e. almost impossible. However, document imaging cuts the time drastically, spent in locating important data.

Digital imaging services use specialised software to allow digital files to be organized into customized index fields that may include date, document type, customer name and invoice number. Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR) enables documents to be fast searched by keyword or phrase and thus improves efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced Security

Most small businesses don’t have administrative resources to supervise and control access to paper record inventories, increasing the risk of identity theft and business fraud. Digital imaging enhances file security for your business. Access and distribution of digital records is easily monitored and tracked. Even basic electronic document management systems log the date and time of each file retrieval. File access levels can be customized for every employee in your company for compliance with privacy protection laws.

Disaster Recovery

While all the information is vulnerable to disasters, paper documents are especially susceptible to floods, fires and other catastrophic situations. Document imaging provides enhanced disaster recovery for your business. Digital images can be backed up to tape or hard drive or protected electronically with an e-Vaulting solution.

Enhanced Customer Service

The document imaging solution offered by the digital imaging services is beneficial even to your customers. Since your workflow is streamlined with document imaging, your customers can promptly get the information they need. Digital files automatically speed up customer service processes like inquiries, invoicing and product deliveries.

Benefits of Digital Imaging Services

In short, digital imaging services

  • Enable your business to do the labor-intensive (and often complex) task of converting large volumes of hardcopy documents to digital files
  • Enable your company to focus on core business activities, relieve internal resources and minimize headcount
  • Offer fast, easy access to documents and intellectual capital to your company that you can use for innovation or customer service processes
  • Make competitiveness and responsiveness towards your clients’ needs better
  • Create a highly secure backup and recovery system in the event of documents stolen or destroyed
  • Offer an easy-to-search archive for audits and other compliance-related activities

Types of Digital Imaging Services

The various types of digital imaging services available include:

  • Indexing and Post-Scan Processing
  • Back-File and Day-Forward Scanning
  • Media-to-Media Conversions
  • Legacy System Scanning and Conversions
  • Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture Card Scanning

You’re going to be surprised to see how digital imaging services would help you and your business. Look no further than getting the services at the earliest so you can run your business more efficiently, powerfully and profitably.

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