How to Make Your Work Space More Relaxing

Are you satisfied with the look and vibration of your work space? You spend there too many hours a day, so the way it feels does make a difference. It’s crucial to make your work space more inviting, pleasant and relaxing. Let’s present you  small ways to change your dull and boring work environment.

On your desk you should have only what’s needed and no other item. I know this suggestions is easier said than done, of course, but it’s important to realize it’s essential to keep your desk clean and clear in order to create a relaxing work environment. If you have several unfinished projects and folders you don’t immediately need to do, these items will easily distract you and you won’t be focusing on the real things that are to be done. Remove the clutter. Your work space won’t be very inviting and relaxing if you have piles of files, paper, junk and receipts crowding the space.

Take mini breaks. You don’t have time to visit spa center while working, I know that. However, there are some things you can easily do in a few minutes that will relax and/or energize you. For instance, you can take a couple of minutes to give yourself a mini-acupressure session. Breath calmly; Put middle fingers on the temples, press them firmly and move them in a circular motion. Afterwards, move your middle fingers up and down in between the eyes, at the top of the nose.

Take a walk, if it’s possible, just to relax in nature for a few minutes. If the neighborhood doesn’t have parks and nature, play one of those relax videos on your computer. Put your headphones on to mute the office sounds and, for a couple of minutes, just look those soothing images to calm down.

Organized desk and environment, plus these mini-breaks will make you more productive and satisfied at your work space. After all, you spend there half of your life; don’t let it ruin your day for no reason at all!

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