Incredible Merits of Executive Coaching Supervision

executive coaching supervisionThe meaning of executive coaching is different for different people. However, it’s a fact that executive coaching helps managers, executives and other leaders to perform, stay healthy and balanced, and learn, and efficiently lead their teams towards reaching their desired goals and outdo individual as well as corporate expectations. The purpose of executive coaching is to enable executives to unleash and unlock their full potential so that they can bring the highest value to the people and organizations they serve.

What is Coaching Supervision?

Coaching supervision is a process in which a supervisor helps the coach to understand both the clients and themselves better, and transform the work accordingly. Executive coaching supervision offers the coach constant professional improvement since supervision is about ‘learning from doing’. It provides the coach with a broader and richer opportunity for development and support. In coaching supervision, the coach is prompted to focus much more on what is going on and where the personal may be interfering with the professional.

Here are a few of the many merits of executive coaching supervision.

Benefits to the Coach

  • Constant improvement
  • An opportunity to learn so as to improve their feeling in integrity and find ways to help their clients to learn better
  • Getting a reflective space to learn from the coaching work they do
  • Keeping up to date with professional changes in coaching
  • The supervisor offers a third person perspective of the coach-coachee relationship
  • The supervisor helps the coach to see what they cannot notice, hear or speak
  • Becoming open to the difference between purpose and action in the coach’s work and understand how we judge ourselves in a different way than we judge others

Benefits to the Coachee

  • Getting protection and guarantee that they will not be harmed from coaching
  • Guarantee of getting the best service possible from their relationship with the coach
  • Benefits to the Coaching Organization
  • Guarantee that their coaches are working to the standards of their organization and maintaining suitable limits
  • Creating an environment where they can guarantee quality control for coaches and employers

Benefits to the Organizations

  • Ability to apply coaching more intensely
  • Maximizing the power of coaching investment, by reducing the risk and improving attention to targets and organizational drivers
  • Maximizing the power of coaching within the organization – the queries the supervisor asks about the goals and context can indeed support a more intense level of thinking about what can be done for the organization
  • Guarantee that the money spent on coaching is used well to benefit the goals of the organization

So, are you ready to invest in executive coaching and coaching supervision?

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