Israel Figa – Commendable Success At A Young Age

shippingAttaining a top position is certainly commendable; but attaining it at a very young age is something extraordinary. Creativity, attraction of uniqueness, hard work and passion are some things needed to become successful at a very young age. And along with hard work, a correct strategy and mission are also necessary to achieve the goal easily. Moreover, a person cannot achieve fame and success in an industry immediately. A lot of planning and strategy implementation are also needed. Many young individuals have achieved incredible fame and success on the land of America, and one of the leading names amongst them is Israel Figa.

Israel Figa is one of the most interesting young entrepreneurs in the US. He founded 24/7 Trade which is a leading and one of the largest shipping companies in the US and UK. Israel Figa founded it just six years ago when he was 25 years old. Located on the East Coast, the company has gained a never-before success through Figa’s hard work, inventive approach and great passion.


Israel Figa started learning different languages at a very young age. Born to an Iranian mother and Jewish father, he already learned English and Persian, along with which he learned various other languages too like Japanese, Mandarin and many European languages. Having to deal with businesspersons all over the world, his language skill is certainly useful to him.

24/7 Trade

Today we see 24/7 Trade as a big company. But Figa has worked hard to make it so. You can imagine how hard he has worked from the fact that the company earned such fame all over the world in just six years. 24/7 Trade guarantees same day shipping anywhere in the US and within 3 days to any international destination.

The company has also started to provide several attractive features to business owners. For example, they deliver goods from the USA to the UK within just 2 days and to China within 3 days! 24/7 Trade was listed on the London Stock Exchange within just 3 ½ years since its initiation.

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