What to Look for in a Creative Studio Space in London

creative studio space londonFinding creative office spaces in London is not at all difficult as there are so many of them in the British capital. If you own or are working with a creative company, here are a few ways to find the best spaces for your company in London.

What are Creative Studio Spaces in London?

As you might guess, there is no set definition of a creative studio space in London. Thus, as we cannot define the office itself, we can try to find creativity in the workspace and how it can be inspired. According to experts, there are two modes at work, viz. an open mode and a closed mode. While a closed mode doesn’t offer any room for creativity, an open mode is an expansive, relaxed, less focused mode which allows us to become more contemplative. The open mode offers a wider perspective which is consequently more cheerful. So, you can guess that creativity flourishes in the open mode, and hence we should look for its features in the workspace.

Working in a small, confined space for 8 hours is certainly not fun, neither is it very inspiring. Removing the physical barriers starts the open mode. A team working in an open space can collaborate better and develop a culture of transparency. In such an open space, ideas spread more easily, cooperation increases and creativity is encouraged.

Designs of Creative Studio Spaces

By dividing an office space into various areas brings variety across the workday and your team gets a choice of work styles. Having a section in the office set as a break out area offers your team an opportunity to unwind, think out of the box or arrange informal meetings.

Design District

Décor of Creative Studio Spaces

Some studios come complete with stylish furnishing, plants and wall art. If the space you’re considering to rent or buy doesn’t have these features, make sure your studio provider allows you to hang wall art and make other required changes in the décor. Several studio providers have found this important to many organizations, they customize the space for their clients at no extra cost.

One of the décor ideas is to create phone booths or focus booths in the studio or office because they help you tune out and plunge deep into high concentration mode. Also, look for large windows, high ceilings and bright open plan space as creative ideas usually emerge when you’re not at the desk.

Having a clear picture of a creative studio space with the above points, you can make better decisions while buying or renting such a space. All the best!

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