Agarwood Plantation – The Latest Lucrative Investment Option

agarwood investmentAre you interested in investing in nature? If you are, investing in Agarwood trees is one of the best ideas. What is an Agarwood tree? What are its uses? Why is investing in Agarwood trees beneficial? Before replying all these questions, let me tell you that you can invest in Agarwood Trees and Gain 3900% Profit in just 8 years! So, if that has generated enough interest in you about this excellent investment option, let me tell you more about it.

What is an Agarwood Tree and for What it is Used?

The Aquilaria tree in which Agarwood is produced is originally an odorless, pale colored, lightweight tree which is later infected with a mould to get a distinct fragrance which is valued in several cultures for its religious uses. This fragrance comes from the dark fragrant resinous core that forms inside the agarwood tree as a defensive response to the mould’s attack. It is used for making incense, perfumes, soaps, oils and other cosmetic products.

Why is Investing in Agarwood Beneficial?

Agarwood trees are fast diminishing due to destruction of natural forests, while its demand is increasing every day. This has made investment in Agarwood trees a smart move for many investors who want to maintain a diversified investment portfolio in addition to stocks, mutual funds and real estate.

Sustainable Investment

It’s not a secret that investing in trees is always a long term, sustainable investment option. Especially a tree like Agarwood which is valued for its core is definitely a stable financial source which you can expect to give returns not only to you but to your future generations too.

The fragrant Agarwood core is used by world’s top cosmetic brands. In various cultures in the world it is not only used for spiritual and religious purposes, but also due to a popular belief that it brings good luck and wealth to the household.

Sadaharitha Plantations Project

New methodologies and harvesting techniques are dubious as warned by Sadaharitha Plantations, a leading project in Agarwood preservation. The company uses the technique developed by Prof. Robert Blanchette at the University of Minnesota, which is clean, efficient and sustainable method that reaps rich dividends too. Prof. Robert Blanchette has developed a CA-kit that has been proven to be the best tool and technique to grow Agarwood on a commercial basis in the Aquilaria trees. This technology produces high quality Agarwood inside the entire tree and provides around 60%-70% growth of Agarwood and thus gives high return on investment to investors.

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