Make Accurate Predictions and Trade Successfully by Accessing Big Data Easily with Stat Bliss

Stat BlissWhether you have just started trading or are a seasoned trader, you know how important big data is in trading. Technology is advancing at a tremendous speed and its consequences are impactful too.

At present, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being created by the world every day and this offers an exceptional opportunity for analyzing, processing and leveraging the data in useful ways. However, such huge data cannot be handled by humans and so, machine learning and algorithms have to be used in trading to compute it and make predictions and decisions. While this is being done, it was limited to only wealthy investors since it needs a lot of funds. But not anymore!

Yes, big data is going to be available to common and individual traders in an economical way, thanks to a new platform named Stat Bliss! This is a data analytics platform for traders and investors with which you can get an edge over your competitors with alternative data.

How can You be Benefited with Stat Bliss?

Financial Analytics

Financial analytics is not just the analysis of prices and price behavior any longer but it also incorporates the doctrines that impact prices, political and social trends and the clarification of support and opposition levels.

Big data analysis through Stat Bliss can be used in analytical models to predict the rates of return and perhaps results of investments. Stat Bliss offers you increasing access to big data that can result in more accurate predictions and thereby the capability to more effectively minimize the inherent risks related to financial trading.

Real-time Analytics

Currently the buzzword of finance is algorithmic trading. Machine learning is allowing computers to make decisions, implementing trades at fast speeds and frequencies that humans cannot. The best possible prices are incorporated in the business archetype which reduces human errors that occur because of behavioral influences. Stat Bliss makes all this possible by offering real-time analytics thereby improving investing power to individuals just like HFT firms as the intuitions collected by algorithmic analysis has evened the playing field for all with access to big data.

The mission of the developers of Stat Bliss is to make access to big data easy to all traders making it reasonably priced whereby not only big financial institutions but individuals can also be benefited. In only a few, easy steps, investors can now choose their data set and time frame, envision it and learn how to make use of it to their trading.

They are also offering free two-week membership! So, why don’t you try it and see for yourself?

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