3 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Will Right Now

Create a WillCreating will is a taboo topic. No one talks about it, because that involves admitting that the person will die one day. So, there’s a lot of hushing. It’s considered rude, almost inappropriate to ask a person about his will. Or what will happen to his money and properties after he/she dies.

But is not talking about it going to make the inevitable go away? We think not. In fact, we think that not creating a will is a disservice to your loved ones, who’ll then have to go through a lengthy, potentially time-consuming and emotionally draining process to sort out of your posthumous financial as well as legal matters.

Not convinced yet? Wait, then. Below we list 3 reasons why you should create a will right now.

1) Don’t become a burden after your death

The fact of life is that when you die, other people (your friends, relatives, family) will have to deal with the matters that you left unfinished. When you have a will, your close ones already know what exactly did you want — which makes it easy for them to execute your wishes. When you don’t have a will, the entire process can be tiring. In face, even dispute can ensue between family members in regards to your estate (money, properties, businesses). Avoid that by creating a will, and let your close ones remember you with fondness.

2) What do you want?

When you don’t have a will, the law distributes everything you owned as per standard guideless — which is pre-defined. Now, it might not be necessarily what you wanted. So, the only way to have your wishes conveyed in terms of what happens to your financial estate after your death is by creating a will. Maybe you want to leave everything to your children. Or not. Maybe you want your wife to inherit things. Or maybe you want to donate a large chunk of your financial estate to charity. All this instructions need to be laid out through a will and only then they can be executed.

3) Who is winding up your affairs?

After you’ve died, a lot of loop needs to be closed. Even something as simple as paying due bills and cancelling credit cards. So, who is in-charge? Through a will, you can decide who’ll be your ‘executor’ or the person who’ll be in-charge of executing everything you’ve written in your will including allocation of your estate and any special instructions (like burial and not cremation.) These people will be practically in-charge of everything you own — so, you want someone who you can trust to carry this out with honesty and your best interest in mind.

Okay. But how do I create my will?

Will creation is complicated and the language is often legal. Miss one point and you make yourself vulnerable to a whole lot of loopholes that your close ones will have to fight after you’re gone. So, it’s best to hire professionals such as BrightonWills.co.uk to create a will that’s personalised to you and your family’s unique situation.

So, what are you waiting for? Create a will today. You will thank yourself later. And so will your close ones.

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