Why Choose Personal Injury Lawyer over General Practicing Lawyer

Personal Injury LawyerYou might have a family lawyer taking care of your family’s legal requirements. But, it’s not a good idea to go directly to that general lawyer in case of accident or any form of personal injury. Obviously, you have full faith in your family lawyer but faith is not the only criteria to choose a professional service. You won’t go to the general physician to get the treatment of cardiac arrest or cancer; the same rule applies to the lawyers. If that’s not enough reason for you, read on to know the reasons for choosing a personal injury lawyer in case of a personal injury.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Understands Your Situations – Your general lawyer might be friendly and he might understand you but a personal injury (PI) lawyer understands the situation you are in. Being specialized in the field, the PI has seen lots of injury cases and understands all types of concerns an accident victim goes through. You may want to know what time would the case take or how much compensation you can expect or what will be your medical expenses for the particular case. The personal injury lawyer will have answers to all your questions.

A Personal Injury Lawyer is Experienced with Insurance Companies – The Insurance companies and their lawyers try their best to prove the other party guilty or to lessen the compensation as much as they can. An attorney specializing in personal injury has dealt with all types of the insurance company and their lawyers. They sort of already know what tactics the insurance company’s lawyer will use against you. Your general practice lawyer may be very good in defending a case but he does not know the exact tactic the lawyer of the other party will use in your case.

A Personal Injury Lawyer is experienced in Using Accident Evidence Tools – Evidence is the backbone of any accident case. Your general lawyer will most probably focus on getting statements from the eyewitnesses. But personal injury lawyers, with their experience, know whether eye-witnesses will be sufficient or injury experts will be required to prove your damage and other party’s guilt. They are very well aware when and how to obtain ‘black box’ data to show the evidence of the vehicle speed and braking before impacts.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Possesses a Team of Experts – You might know defending accident or personal injury case is not a work of a single person. The attorney needs to take help of medical professionals, certified injury experts and accident reconstruction engineer to obtain data and prove the case. A general practice lawyer does not have such team and hence it will be a costly affair for him to get such evidence. Furthermore, when you hire a personal injury law firm like Larson Law who works with a team of experts needed to handle your case over the one who does not have such a team, you naturally increase your chance of winning the suit.

So, will you choose a general practicing lawyer or an experienced attorney of the niche?

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