Car Title Loan – Tips to Make the Most of It

car title loanFinancial difficulties keep coming around. We are always in need of loan. But what if we have a bad credit preventing us from going to our regular lenders? In that situation, car title loan is a preferable option and it’s getting more and more popular too. It’s interesting to see how it works.

How Do Car Title Loans Work?

When you apply for a car title loan, you agree to keep your vehicle as collateral for this loan. This of course means that if you are unable to repay the loan, the lender can take away your vehicle. But you don’t need to actually hand over your vehicle, but only its title deed.

Advantages of Car Title Loans

  • Whenever you are in need of a loan fast, car title loan is perfect because unlike other types of loans, it has no lengthy and complicated paperwork and approval process.
  • Car title loans are perfect for borrowers who need cash immediately, because as soon as your loan is approved (and it is approved fast), you receive your cash. In most cases, you leave the lender’s office with the cash in hand, just on the day you apply for the loan.
  • Since you have something to offer as collateral, you can easily qualify for a car title loan, though you have got a bad credit score. Actually, most lenders don’t even take the trouble of checking your credit score. As long as you have a consistent source of income which you can show to the lending company and a car that has a value more than the amount of loan, you have high chances of getting an approval.
  • The car title loan is given against your car’s title deed and not the car itself; so, you can continue to use the car while you are paying the interest. You can only lose your car if you fail to pay interest as it is repossessed by the lender.

What to Check Before You Apply for a Car Title Loan?

  • If you have not taken such a loan before, shop around. Also take an advice of those who might have an experience with it.
  • Make a list of available options and show it to your family and friends for suggestions. They may recommend you some of them while suggest to stay away from some others.
  • Once you find a desirable lender, don’t just apply. Do your own research too. Check with Better Business Bureau or Consumer Affairs to check whether the company is really free from blemishes, whether it is undergoing an investigation by the government or has any complaints filed against it.
  • Once you shortlist lender which pass all your criteria, it’s time to check their features like rate of interest, terms and conditions, fees, payment options and others.
  • Compare between lenders you have found to check who amongst them is offering you the best loan option, in terms of affordability. But you also have to check reliability. E.g. if a company is offering low interest rate than another, but the latter is more reliable, you should go with the latter.

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