Tips to Find A Trusted Moneylender in Singapore

SG moneylenderWhile finding a moneylender in Singapore, you should clearly know what these companies can offer and you should also be aware of the ways to find legal moneylenders to suit your requirements. Dealing with illegal moneylenders can lead to a lot of problems in the future which ultimately give rise to more difficult financial issues than earlier. The following tips will hopefully help you to find a reliable and licensed moneylender SG.

Licensed Moneylender

A licensed moneylender in Singapore is approved by the Registry of Money Lenders. You can find the latest list of licensed Singapore moneylenders on the website of IPTO. The institutions in this list have an updated and valid operating license that matches the ones given in the office of Registrar of Money Lenders.

It is recommended to find out a license number on the lender’s website and then check whether it is enlisted on the Registry of Moneylenders.

What to Do?

Once you find a reliable moneylender, you will need to undergo the application process. Usually the approval of your loan is a matter of minutes, when done online. You just have to submit the personal info they want like contact details, income status and other data.

Regarding the loan packages, there are various lines of credit provided by the lender. Most Singapore moneylenders offer a chance to potential borrowers to look into various loan alternatives like payday loan, personal loan and others, which can fulfill the client’s requirements. You just have to think upon which will suit you the most.

Important Things to Remember

It is necessary to check first the interest rates offered by the lender before you make a final decision of borrowing from them. Thus it starts with comparing rates of interest.
Also look for any hidden costs, clauses or any other details that you should be aware of. Choose a lender that have interest rates that are affordable and repayment system reasonable. If you are not clear about any clause of the contract, get it clarified from the lender before you sign the loan application form.
For properly understanding what is written in the contract you can also take help of a professional, like a lawyer. Blindly signing or hesitating to ask what you have not understood can pose you lots of troubles later. So, if there are any clauses in the contract about which you are doubtful, you better walk out and find another lender. is the favorite moneylender of Singapore because they are fair and trusted. They offer flexibility and swiftness in their advanced loan process which means you grab the cash fast!

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