How can a Mortgage Advisor Help You?

mortgage advisorIf you are considering a mortgage, you might have researched about it and have come across a term, mortgage advisor. Did you wonder what does this person do? Let’s look at what a mortgage advisor is and how s/he can benefit you.

Job of a Mortgage Advisor

Just like a broker who can find the best mortgage options for you, a mortgage advisor too can do that. S/He can also help you in the process of application and provides superior assistance to buy a house. But along with providing best mortgage options, a mortgage advisor can also provide:

  • Advice on protection of mortgage, re-financing, repayment and more
  • Building insurance along with the mortgage

Unlike a mortgage broker, a mortgage advisor need not take any specialized course or training or professional qualifications to start with. The route of becoming a mortgage advisor is pretty straightforward, often starting off as a customer service professional in a bank or an administrative officer in a finance company. If these professionals decide to take up the more specific route of becoming a mortgage advisor, they will have to take additional training.

As per the FSA (Financial Services Authority), anyone giving mortgage advice should be proficient to a specific level. It means that the person should study either for the Chartered Insurance Institute Certificate in Mortgage Advice or the School of Finance in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP). If you decide to take the services of a mortgage advisor, you should ensure if s/he has these qualifications.

A mortgage advisor can then take the next step to become a financial advisor. If you hire the services of such a professional you don’t need to use the services of different professionals. Plus, you don’t have to explain your financial status every time to a new person. Only one person can handle all your financial jobs, mortgage, insurance and more.

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