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Your Helpful AffiliateAre you looking for free, honest and helpful affiliate marketing tips and tricks? Well that is just what Your Helpful Affiliate is all about! There are many ways through which you can earn decent money by working online, but you may need certain ways with which you can earn money fast and without much investment. Well, affiliate marketing and Your Helpful Affiliate may be what you’re looking for.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Some of you may be already aware of what it is, while some others may exclaim, “What? What is affiliate marketing?” And you may get still many more questions about this path towards online work and income. I want to introduce you to a person who can give you every bit of information about affiliate marketing. What’s more, he can even help you in building up a business.

This is Kevin and through his website Your Helpful Affiliate, he educates and helps people about affiliate marketing. But the specialty of Kevin’s portal is that it not only contains the information on affiliate marketing, but also many other profitable ways of online earning, including blogging, phone app referral programs and more. He has years of research and experience on affiliate marketing and other ways of online earning.

Back to the question of ‘what is affiliate marketing’, the definition is that it’s a process of earning a commission by promoting and selling other people’s products.

There are hundreds of affiliate programs out there. Which of them should you choose? Kevin will guide you.

He’ll also guide you about which affiliate marketing strategies you should implement, popular affiliate marketing programs with their signup links, what paid blogpost writing is, how to host a website, ways to add affiliate links and much more.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy

According to Kevin, the best affiliate marketing strategy is to build a multi-media brand in a niche which you personally love a lot and are experienced with. The brand can be built by creating useful content and answering common questions of people about that particular niche through various platforms. Once you start getting followers, you can get a significant presence in search engine results.

For example, you love and know a lot about vacuum cleaners. You come across a great brand/s of vacuum cleaners and want to promote it/them to sell them and earn commission. Now what you’ve to do is to create content. This means you have to write about vacuums. You can write anything like how to choose a perfect vacuum, what points you should consider, what types of vacuums are available out there, what are the pros and cons of different types, what features buyers can find, how those features are useful for certain people and how other people can be benefited by certain other features, and more. You can even write the reviews of the brands you want to promote.

However, while writing, you should be as honest as possible, and strictly refrain from misguiding people. This is very important because if you lose the trust of people, you’ll find it very difficult to regain it.

At Your Helpful Affiliate, you’ll learn the rules of affiliate marketing, most common mistakes, identifying your passion (favorite niche), creating a home base, finding affiliate offers, creating useful content, creating a resource page to give solutions to problems, expanding your brand/s to new platforms, ways to add affiliate links to your content, and more.

Paid Blogposts

There is no doubt that content is one of the backbones of affiliate marketing. But if you are not good at writing, you can consider hiring writers who offer paid blogposts and Kevin guides you on this too.

He has very beautifully explained this through a few case studies which are based on his actual experience of hiring writers and working with them. He hired blogpost writers through the very popular website,, an online marketplace where you can hire freelancers. He has explained each and every detail of how to create an account on Fiverr, how to find blog content writers there, how to order posts, how to edit them, and finally find the best writer/s, with whom you can work continuously and who can give you consistently satisfactory results.

Thus, if you are not confident about writing the content, you can take help of others who are good at that, and promote your products through their articles.

Writing Content

It can be understood if you are new to all this and even not good at writing. But even you don’t want to invest in hiring writers. Well, in that case, you have to create content. So, you want guidance on how to do that. Kevin will tell you. He thoroughly explains how to create flawless content that will make people read it. He explains how you can make it useful by giving solutions to people’s problems, and what you need to do for this, how to consider the audience, how to decide the word count, how to include photos and so on. So, you can see that writing about your products can no more be difficult or daunting. Kevin shows you the way to simplify it.

Choosing Affiliate Programs

You may wonder how to find affiliate programs and how to choose a good one. Again Kevin comes to your help here by recommending good companies, their products, other information, the commission they offer and finally, the most important thing – the sign up link!

Why is this important? It’s because it saves a very valuable thing of yours – your time. If you on your own set out for searching these companies and affiliate programs, won’t you have to waist days, months and even years? This needs years of research because internet is full of scams. To find genuine programs out of the ocean of affiliate marketing is a lot more challenging than you may imagine. You have to check the authenticity from many perspectives like genuineness and usefulness of the products, company’s history and reputation and of course, their payment policies.

If you take out time to research on this, you have to spend all the time doing this, leaving your job. Here Kevin has saved you from the hard work and brought genuine and good affiliate programs at your fingertips. Just read about them, choose one or more among them, sign up and start the business. He’s made the job so easy for you.

Hosting a Website

The next confusing thing for most people is to have your own website. Having your own website is also important for affiliate marketing because when you have one, you can promote the products in whatever way you want. You don’t have to worry about confusing rules and regulations, limitations on what you can publish and what you can’t, what design you should have and so on.

Several people prefer having a WordPress website as you can have one for free. Kevin has explained how it’s more beneficial to have your own website than having a WordPress website, and how ultimately it’s cheaper to have hosting than WordPress.

This can be an eye opener for many who think that they can just do fine with a WordPress site and having a different website and hosting it may be very expensive and challenging. Kevin has thoroughly explained the difference between and, information on hosting providers like BlueHost and Siteground, how you can decide which one among them is the best for you and much more.

Ways to Add Affiliate Links

You sign up for a good affiliate program, start writing content for the promotion of the products and get a free/paid website to publish your content. What next? The most important thing to do after this is to insert your affiliate links in your content. After all, if people who read your content get interested in the product, they’d like to view the product and consider buying it. If they buy through your recommendation, you’d get the commission. So, you can understand how important it is to learn posting your affiliate links in your content. Without these links, your affiliate program cannot know due to whose recommendation the customer has bought their product and they won’t pay you.

However, these links cannot be just randomly inserted in the content. There are ways to post them. Kevin shows you these ways. It’s important to post these links in the right way. It’s also important to prompt the readers to click those links. Therefore it’s essential to include a call to action. Kevin has explained all the steps in detail to remove any confusion from your mind.

Enter the exciting world of affiliate marketing with the help of Your Helpful Affiliate and look forward to running a lucrative business and living a life you always dreamed of.

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