Few Cents Every Day Make the Money Problems Go Away

save money simplyYou cannot save something you don’t possess, so my personal opinion is that people should focus on earning money, not on putting it aside. However, some simple changes and adjustments in your everyday life can really do you good. No matter if you want something for a rainy day or to buy a guitar, here are simple tricks that will help you achieve your goals!

Let’s start with food. Don’t worry, we don’t want you to cut delicious meals out, but to think about your daily habits. If you are a coffee-addict, as I am, try substituting coffee for more expensive coffee drinks such as latte or cappuccino. This can save up to $600 a year! Worth considering, isn’t it? Also, bringing lunch to work is, first of all, something all nutritionists would recommend, since it’s the only way to control what you eat. What’s more, it’s cheaper that way, so by doing so you could have about $500 to create an emergency fund, for example. If you eat out just one fewer time each month, it would cost you about $250 per person on annual basis.

When it comes to transportation, there are simple tips that could help you cut costs significantly. Do you know that frequent cab users spend so much money on taxi that in a year they could even buy their own vehicle? Well, I’m not suggesting avoiding cab rides, but do you really need to use it so often? Take fewer rides and use public transit instead and you’ll save a lot! If you already drive your own car, shop around for gas, since different stations have different prices. Also, we often live relatively far from our workplace. Although it’s not always possible to change this, driving 10,000 miles less a year can lower your transportation costs by more than $2,000.

As for our accommodation habits, Americans tend to rent relatively large apartments and houses. Why would you pay for space you actually don’t need? If we’d use space more efficiently than we do at the moment, that would mean purchasing or renting less square footage.

Did I make myself clear? You can live your life to the fullest, while at the same time saving something for a rainy day. You just need to reconsider your daily habits and make small compromises in order to achieve some more important goals.

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